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Hogan's Heroes

Cuisine a la Stalag 13

Episode: 601 | Aired: September 20, 1970

Prisoner LeBeau decides to escape, leaving the POWs and Col. Klink without their accomplished French chef.

The Experts

Episode: 602 | Aired: September 27, 1970

Hogan tries to save a German officer marked for death by the Nazis.

Klink's Masterpiece

Episode: 603 | Aired: October 04, 1970

In order to smuggle maps to the underground, Hogan dupes Col. Klink into thinking he has talent as a painter.

Lady Chitterly's Lover Part 1

Episode: 604 | Aired: October 11, 1970

An English traitor parachutes into Stalag 13 to tell Col. Klink that he has some top secret information for the Fuehrer.

Lady Chitterly's Lover Part 2

Episode: 605 | Aired: October 18, 1970

Lady Chitterly arrives at Stalag 13 to tell everyone that her husband, Sir Charles, has turned traitor.

The Gestapo Takeover

Episode: 606 | Aired: October 25, 1970

The Gestapo takes control of Stalag 13 and assigns Col. Klink and Sgt. Schultz to duty on the Russian front.

Kommandant Schultz

Episode: 607 | Aired: November 01, 1970

Sgt. Schultz is temporarily promoted to commanding officer of Stalag 13, and chaos is imminent.

Eight O'Clock and All Is Well

Episode: 608 | Aired: November 08, 1970

Hogan's men discover that a new POW is actually a Nazi spy planted in Stalag 13.

The Big Record

Episode: 609 | Aired: November 15, 1970

Col. Klink presents the POWs with a recorder so they can send home glowing messages of their life in prison camp.

It's Dynamite

Episode: 610 | Aired: November 22, 1970

Expecting an Allied invasion, the Nazis start mining bridges and Hogan undertakes to find the location of the bridges involved.

Operation Tiger

Episode: 611 | Aired: November 29, 1970

Hogan's men plan a daring scheme to free a beautiful French underground leader who has been captured by the Gestapo.

The Big Broadcast

Episode: 156 | Aired: December 06, 1970

The POWs determine to install their radio transmitter in Col. Klink's staff car in order to outwit Nazi direction-finders.

The Gypsy

Episode: 613 | Aired: December 13, 1970

LeBeau tries to help the POWs steal a Nazi secret weapon by convincing Col. Klink that he (LeBeau) is a gypsy fortune teller.

The Dropouts

Episode: 614 | Aired: December 27, 1970

Hogan's men dupe the Gestapo and help three German atomic scientists escape to England.

Easy Come, Easy Go

Episode: 615 | Aired: January 10, 1971

Hogan goes to England with Klink in a bizarre scheme to steal an American fighter plane.

The Meister Spy

Episode: 616 | Aired: January 17, 1971

Hogan's men discredit a Nazi master spy who is masquerading as an American officer.

That's No Lady, That's My Spy

Episode: 617 | Aired: January 24, 1971

In order to aid a wounded underground leader, Newkirk impersonates a German general's wife at Klink's big charity party.

To Russia Without Love

Episode: 618 | Aired: January 31, 1971

Col. Klink, vamped by a beautiful Russian spy, decides that life can be sweet on the Russian front.

Klink for the Defense

Episode: 619 | Aired: February 07, 1971

Col. Klink is assigned as defense counsel for a German officer who is on trial for treason.

The Kamikazes are Coming

Episode: 620 | Aired: February 21, 1971

The POWs capture a new German rocket and fire it toward England for recovery by the Allies.

Kommandant Gertrude

Episode: 621 | Aired: February 28, 1971

General Burkhalter's strong-minded sister, Gertrude, becomes the de facto commander of Stalag 13.

Hogan's Double Life

Episode: 622 | Aired: March 07, 1971

Col. Hogan masquerades as a Nazi officer to discredit a witness's positive identification of him as a saboteur.

Look at the Pretty Snowflakes

Episode: 623 | Aired: March 21, 1971

Hogan and his men trigger an avalanche to halt the advance of a German panzer division.

Rockets or Romance

Episode: 624 | Aired: April 04, 1971

With the help of a beautiful underground agent, Hogan's men destroy a Nazi guided-missile battery.