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Hogan's Heroes

Hogan Gives a Birthday Party

Episode: 201 | Aired: September 15, 1966

Hogan meets his match when he plans to hijack a German bomber and take it on a mission to bomb a Nazi oil refinery.

The Schultz Brigade

Episode: 202 | Aired: September 22, 1966

Col. Klink faces a firing squad after being arrested for conspiring against his commanding general.

Diamonds in the Rough

Episode: 203 | Aired: September 29, 1966

A larcenous German officer discovers the espionage activity of Hogan and his fellow prisoners and threatens to expose them.

Operation Briefcase

Episode: 204 | Aired: October 06, 1966

Hogan and his men become involved in an assassination plot when London orders them to provide a German general with a time bomb.

The Battle of Stalag 13

Episode: 205 | Aired: October 13, 1966

Hogan's future as a saboteur is threatened by the rival plans of two German officers.

The Rise and Fall of Sergeant Schultz

Episode: 206 | Aired: October 20, 1966

Sgt. Schultz becomes a hero and wins the Iron Cross as the result of a secret plot conceived by Hogan for quite another purpose.

Hogan's Springs

Episode: 207 | Aired: October 27, 1966

A ruptured water main beneath Stalag 13 gives Hogan an idea for spiriting resistance fighters out of the prison camp.

A Klink, a Bomb and a Short Fuse

Episode: 208 | Aired: November 03, 1966

General Burkhalter orders Hogan to disarm what Hogan thinks is a fake, delayed-action bomb resting in the center of Stalag 13.

Tanks for the Memory

Episode: 209 | Aired: November 10, 1966

Allied Intelligence orders Hogan's men to photograph and then destroy the pilot model of a German radio-controlled tank.

A Tiger Hunt in Paris Part 1

Episode: 210 | Aired: November 17, 1966

Klink and Hogan wind up in Paris: Klink to sample the wine, women and song, and Hogan to attempt to liberate an Allied agent.

A Tiger Hunt in Paris Part 2

Episode: 211 | Aired: November 24, 1966

Hogan befuddles a Gestapo boss as he continues his efforts to liberate Tiger, an imprisoned French underground lady agent.

Will the Real Adolf Please Stand Up?

Episode: 212 | Aired: December 01, 1966

Hogan devises a wild hoax involving an impersonation of no less than the German dictator himself.

Don't Forget to Write

Episode: 213 | Aired: December 08, 1966

Scraping the bottom of the barrel, the Luftwaffe high command notifies Col. Klink that he has "volunteered" for combat.

Klink's Rocket

Episode: 214 | Aired: December 15, 1966

Hogan plans to decoy German bomber flights away from London, but the venture falters when Carter's memory fails.

Information, Please

Episode: 215 | Aired: December 22, 1966

The Germans try to leak-proof their security system by replacing Col. Klink with a more capable camp commander.

Art for Hogan's Sake

Episode: 048 | Aired: December 29, 1966

Hogan schemes to keep a valuable painting, stolen from the Louvre, from falling into Goering's hands.

The General Swap

Episode: 217 | Aired: January 05, 1967

Hogan and his men kidnap a German field marshal in order to trade him to the Germans for a captured American general.

The Great Brinksmeyer Robbery

Episode: 218 | Aired: January 12, 1967

Hogan schemes to rob a bank in order to get the cash he needs to buy secret information for the Allies.

Praise the Fuehrer and Pass the Ammunition

Episode: 219 | Aired: January 19, 1967

Hogan is annoyed when Allied Intelligence puts him under the command of a woman scientist in a plot to sabotage a research lab.

Hogan and the Lady Doctor

Episode: 220 | Aired: January 26, 1967

Hogan makes plans to see that real ammunition is mixed with the blanks to be used in upcoming German war games.

The Swing Shift

Episode: 221 | Aired: February 02, 1967

Newkirk finds himself inducted into the German army as the result of Hogan's plot to sabotage a gun factory near Stalag 13.

Heil Klink

Episode: 222 | Aired: February 09, 1967

Hogan hides a defecting German bigwig in Stalag 13 and convinces Klink that the fugitive is really Der Fuehrer.

Everyone Has a Brother-In-Law

Episode: 223 | Aired: February 16, 1967

Hogan's scheme to blow up a German ammunition train is stymied by a tough, new officer assigned to Stalag 13.

Killer Klink

Episode: 055 | Aired: February 23, 1967

Col. Hogan gets a furlough for Sgt. Schultz by making Col. Klink think the Sergeant is not long for this world.

Reverend Kommandant Klink

Episode: 225 | Aired: March 02, 1967

Hogan restores a French pilot's faith in himself by sneaking the pilot's fiancee into camp and tricking Klink into marrying them.

The Most Escape-Proof Prison Camp I've Ever Escaped From

Episode: 226 | Aired: March 09, 1967

An English POW escape artist almost scuttles Hogan's prisoner-escape operation when he disobeys orders and escapes on his own.

The Tower

Episode: 227 | Aired: March 16, 1967

Prisoner leader Hogan blackmails a general to keep him from transferring Col. Klink from Stalag 13.

Colonel Klink's Secret Weapon

Episode: 228 | Aired: March 23, 1967

Col. Klink becomes a victim of a ruthless sergeant whom he has installed at Stalag 13 to discipline his ragtag war prisoners.

The Top Secret Top Coat

Episode: 229 | Aired: March 30, 1967

Hogan and his boys filch a secret German military document from Col. Klink and thereby save him from being arrested.

The Reluctant Target

Episode: 230 | Aired: April 06, 1967

Prisoner leader Hogan cons Col. Klink into letting him pose as prison commander so he can learn top secret military information to become a spy for the Allies.