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High School Reunion

Scott S. The Class Clown

Scott enjoyed pulling pranks and showing his school spirit. (01:05)
High School Reunion

Liz The Wannabe

In high school Liz was desperate to be popular. (01:04)
High School Reunion

Kara The Homecoming Queen

As homecoming queen, Kara was one of the most popular girls in her high school. (01:06)
High School Reunion

Jessica The Ugly Duckling

Back in high school, Jessica was invisible: She wore a back brace and was kind of geeky. (01:04)
High School Reunion

Jenny The Cheerleader

Jenny was the typical high-school cheerleader -- happy and peppy -- though not everyone saw her that way. (01:14)
High School Reunion

Dennis The Troublemaker

The ultimate party guy, Dennis liked to wreak havoc wherever he went. (01:05)
High School Reunion

Andrew The Band Geek

Andrew claims he was popular in high school but his former classmates disagree. (00:50)

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