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High School Reunion

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High School Reunion

Jenny The Cheerleader

Jenny was the typical high-school cheerleader -- happy and peppy -- though not everyone saw her that way.
High School Reunion

Jessica The Ugly Duckling

Back in high school, Jessica was invisible: She wore a back brace and was kind of geeky.
High School Reunion

Kara The Homecoming Queen

As homecoming queen, Kara was one of the most popular girls in her high school.
High School Reunion

Liz The Wannabe

In high school Liz was desperate to be popular.
High School Reunion

Scott S. The Class Clown

Scott enjoyed pulling pranks and showing his school spirit.
High School Reunion

Tom the Jock

Though Tom was a jock he was also the boy next door and was friends with everyone in school.
High School Reunion

Tyrone the All-Star

Tyrone was a three-sport athlete and the life of the party in high school.