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Aloha Cowboys

Episode: 301 | Aired: January 13, 2010

Joe 'The Football Star' has a surprise reunion with former flame Jodi 'The Cheerleader.' 'The Summer Girls' clique resumes its rivalry with 'The CheerleadIRRS.' And after 20 years, John 'The Troublemaker' proves to be as nasty as ever.

Win Lose or Draw

Episode: 302 | Aired: January 20, 2010

Jodi 'The Cheerleader' loves Joe 'The Football Star,' but Rachelle 'The Late Bloomer' wins his affections on a Hall Pass date. The Summer Girls clique renew their rivalry with The CheerleadIRRS. Who is Lori’s secret admirer?

Pair of Jokers

Episode: 303 | Aired: January 27, 2010

Party crashers from Valley High! Joe 'The Football Star' worries they’ll try to steal his woman. Lori meets her secret admirer -- is the feeling mutual? John 'The Troublemaker' explodes with a rage that threatens the reunion.

Ante Up

Episode: 304 | Aired: February 03, 2010

Antanus has a surprise reunion with best friends Tracey 'The Jock' and Treda 'The Class Sweetheart,' who want him to propose to his longtime girlfriend -- who just happens to be waiting nearby. Can anyone get through to John 'The Troublemaker'?

Hearts Are Wild

Episode: 305 | Aired: February 10, 2010

Mark 'The Secret Admirer' and Lori 'The Party Girl' go power-gliding. Rachelle 'The Late Bloomer' gets scared when she hears her ex-husband wants to meet her. Bravely, Joe 'The Football Star' goes to confront the former boxer.

Invite Only

Episode: 306 | Aired: February 17, 2010

Joe 'The Football Star' confronts Liko 'The Bully' to tell him that he’s with Rachelle now. The Summer Girls and The CheerleadIRRS each throw parties. Eric 'The Gay Guy' and Cyndi 'The Nerd' reveal shocking personal secrets.

Another Wedding Day in Paradise

Episode: 307 | Aired: February 24, 2010

John 'The Troublemaker' pushes everyone to the breaking point as the CheerleadIRRS' wild party spirals out of control. One classmate leaves the reunion for good. Then a surprise proposal leads to a fairy-tale wedding in paradise.

PROMises of Love

Episode: 308 | Aired: March 03, 2010

Everyone's got a date for the prom except Cyndi 'The Nerd'... but someone awaits her! All tear up when an unlikely prom king gives a moving speech. Joe takes Rachelle aside and makes a bold move to change their destiny forever.