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Re-live the moments from Season 3!

Deleted: Joe and Rachelle

Joe and Rachelle talk about having a real relationship. (03:32)

Deleted: Tracy gets snubbed

Tracy is upset about not getting a Hall Pass. (01:49)

Bonus: Love Triangle

Jodi, Joe, and Rachelle talk about the past and future. (03:21)

Bonus: Where are they now?

See what the classmates have been up to since high school. (03:37)

Bonus: Staying in Touch

The classmates are going to try to stay in touch after the show. (01:45)

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Season Guide

Season 3: Class of '89

For some, high school was paradise. For others, it was an unforgettable nightmare. Twenty years after graduation, 16 classmates from Chaparral High School's Class of '89 reunite on the tropical Hawaiian island of Kauai to relive their high school glory days on High School Reunion. The Football Star, The Nerd, The Cheerleader, The Ladies Man -- they're all back and things haven't changed as bitter rivalries resurface and old flames reignite.

Season 2: Class of '88

Every high school class has its secrets -- and Arizona's Chandler High School Class of '88 is no exception.Twenty years after graduation, 15 Chandler classmates reunite on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii. The Jock, The Homecoming Queen, The Ugly Duckling, The Class Clown, The Outcast... they're all back. Old grudges will reemerge, old flames will reignite. And one of these classmates will reveal the most shocking secret in High School Reunion history.Love, hate, friendship and revenge. At their emotional reunion, the Class of '88 will learn that through the good times and the bad, high school never really ends.

Season 1: Class of '87

More than a dozen classmates from the 1987 graduating class of J.J. Pearce High School in Dallas, Texas reunite after 20 years. In high school, they were known as the jock, the popular girl, the stud, the bully and the geek. Have they changed or are they still living up to their high school roles? Find out when they all get back together for a two-week Hawaiian get-away sure to rekindle past relationships, rivalries and romances.