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High School Reunion

Latest Video Clips

Deleted: Sea Life Park

Mark and Lori spend the day with some animals. (01:43)

Deleted: Justin asks Tracy to the prom

Justin decides to ask Tracy if she will go to prom with him. (01:21)

Deleted: It's time to make up

Jodi and the 'Summer Girls" make up (01:16)

Deleted: Joe and Rachelle

Joe and Rachelle talk about having a real relationship. (03:32)

Bonus: Staying in Touch

The classmates are going to try to stay in touch after the show. (01:45)

About High School Reunion

For some, high school was paradise. For others, it was an unforgettable nightmare. Twenty years after graduation, 16 classmates from Chaparral High School's Class of '89 reunite on the tropical Hawaiian island of Kauai to relive their high school glory days on High School Reunion. The Football Star, The Nerd, The Cheerleader, The Ladies Man -- they're all back and things haven't changed as bitter rivalries resurface and old flames reignite.

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