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Harry Loves Lisa

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Season 1 (15)

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Harry Loves Lisa

Meet Harry

Harry Hamlin: From sexiest man alive to gopher hunter.
Harry Loves Lisa

Harry Loves Lisa: Meet the Exception

They say Hollywood marriages don't last. Meet one couple proving them wrong.
Harry Loves Lisa

Meet Lisa

From Melrose Place and Dancing with the Stars to rocking the red carpet, Lisa Rinna has had a storied career.
Harry Loves Lisa

First Look: Harry Loves Lisa

Lisa and Harry navigate life as a devoted family living a hectic Hollywood lifestyle.
Harry Loves Lisa

Harry Loves Lisa: A Love Story

Meet Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna, two lovebirds living happily among Hollywood's rocky romantic straits.
Harry Loves Lisa

Sneak Peek: Harry Loves Lisa

Take a look at a drama-free Hollywood couple that makes it work.
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