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Harry Loves Lisa

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Season 1 (15)

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Harry Loves Lisa

Bonus: Ice Cream Social

Lisa and Harry's daughters get some ice cream with their grandparents.
Harry Loves Lisa

Sneak Peek: Belle Gray

Harry and Lisa's boutique is hit hard by the recession, and they decide to throw a celebrity-studded party to boost publicity.
Harry Loves Lisa

Lisa's Original Lips

As she looks at old modeling photos, Lisa is ready to get corrective surgery on her lip.
Harry Loves Lisa

Video Diary: Lisa's Last Supper

Lisa questions opening her life and surgery up to the cameras.
Harry Loves Lisa

Harry Auditions for Surfer Dude Role

Harry does a cold read for a part as a surfer and has a bit of an identity crisis.
Harry Loves Lisa

Tennis, Anyone?

Lisa has a wicked slice and a big mouth.
Harry Loves Lisa

Lisa Rinna's Video Diary: People Magazine

Lisa talks about the People magazine cover, and empowering herself by taking control of her story.
Harry Loves Lisa

Sneak Peek: Camping

Harry and Lisa visit a couples counselor in an effort to rekindle their connection.
Harry Loves Lisa

Lisa Rinna's Pre-Surgery Video Diary

Lisa Rinna kept a personal video diary as she awaited the big day of her surgery.
Harry Loves Lisa

Harry and Lisa in Hollywood

Welcome to the world that is Harry and Lisa -- critics be damned!
Harry Loves Lisa

Bonus: Harry Does Stand-Up Comedy

Harry Hamlin jumps out of his comfort zone with his very first stand-up appearance.
Harry Loves Lisa

Harry on the 'Functional Insanity' of Life

Harry wants you to check out the premiere of Harry Loves Lisa -- and promises there will not be blood.
Harry Loves Lisa

Lisa Welcomes You to Her Life

Lisa Rinna sends a big kiss to her fans in time for her show's premiere.
Harry Loves Lisa

Harry and Lisa: First Kiss

Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna's first kiss was quite a disaster.
Harry Loves Lisa

Lisa Loves Twitter

Lisa Rinna has a bit of a Twitter addiction.
Harry Loves Lisa

Harry on Hollywood

Harry Hamlin left Hollywood behind to raise his kids.
Harry Loves Lisa

Harry Loves Lisa Sneak Peek

Harry and Lisa are anything but the average Hollywood couple.
Harry Loves Lisa

Harry Hamlin and The Colbert Report

Harry Hamlin has some advice for Stephen Colbert and National Enquirer headline hopefuls.
Harry Loves Lisa

Harry Hamlin on the 'Clash of the Titans' Remake

Harry was 'less than thrilled' by the remake of the movie that made him famous.
Harry Loves Lisa

Harry and Lisa: Why TV Land?

Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna talk about why they picked that happy place called TV Land for their new show.
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