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Harry Loves Lisa

Latest Video Clips

Bonus: Harry's Goodnight to the Girls

Harry Hamlin puts his two girls to sleep and assures them Mommy is OK. (00:53)

Video Diary: Day 17

Lisa Rinna is thrilled that her lip is finally healing after a setback. (01:52)

Video Diary: One Month Anniversary

A month after her lip surgery, Lisa Rinna feels a sense of freedom she didn't have before. (01:30)

Bonus: Harry Makes Lisa a Mexican Smoothie

Harry prepares Lisa a loving meal of her favorite, Mexican food, in liquid form. (02:52)

Video Diary: Lisa and Dr. Garth

Lisa tells her doctor, Dr. Garth Fisher, that she's not worried about surgery. (01:43)

About Harry Loves Lisa

Harry Loves Lisa is a comedic docu-soap that captures the humor, honesty & often outrageous antics of celebrity odd couple Lisa Rinna & Harry Hamlin as they balance their hectic Hollywood lives with that of a devoted family.

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