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Harry Loves Lisa

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Bonus: Harry's Goodnight to the Girls

Harry Hamlin puts his two girls to sleep and assures them Mommy is OK. (00:53)

Video Diary: Day 17

Lisa Rinna is thrilled that her lip is finally healing after a setback. (01:52)

Video Diary: One Month Anniversary

A month after her lip surgery, Lisa Rinna feels a sense of freedom she didn't have before. (01:30)

Bonus: Harry Makes Lisa a Mexican Smoothie

Harry prepares Lisa a loving meal of her favorite, Mexican food, in liquid form. (02:52)

Video Diary: Lisa and Dr. Garth

Lisa tells her doctor, Dr. Garth Fisher, that she's not worried about surgery. (01:43)

About Harry Loves Lisa

A six-episode docu-soap Harry Loves Lisa featuring pop-culture sensation Lisa Rinna and her heartthrob husband, Harry Hamlin. The series centers on the relationship between Rinna and Hamlin as they navigate together through the highs and lows as a devoted family living a hectic Hollywood lifestyle. Harry Loves Lisa brings to life the romantic notion that opposites attract as Lisa's playful spontaneity contrasts Harry's more reserved demeanor. Audiences will watch as the two balance their differences in the midst of insane professional lives as working actors and entrepreneurs who are parenting two pre-teen daughters. One of Hollywood's most enduring couples, the Hamlins' contradictory personalities make for amazing chemistry, both on-screen and off.

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