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Happily Divorced

Happily Divorced: The Best of Fran Drescher: Part 1

Watch Fran Drescher's best moments from Season 1 of Happily Divorced! (00:51)
Happily Divorced

Valente Rodriguez and John Michael Higgins on Season 2

They called each other's wives, JK! (00:57)
Happily Divorced

Fran Drescher on Season 2

Peter Marc Jacobson was the first person Fran Drescher told about season 2. (03:31)
Happily Divorced

Fran and Mr. Sherwood's Date

Mr. Sherwood invites Fran to his hotel room on a date - and something unexpected happens! (01:11)
From Episode: #109 | Aired: August 17, 2011
Happily Divorced

Charles Shaughnessy on Working with Fran Drescher

Charles knew it would be great to reunite with Fran Drescher on Happily Divorced! (01:14)
Happily Divorced

Charles Shaughnessy on His Favorite Role

Charles Shaughnessy loves that his job has allows him to spend so much time with his family. (01:15)
Happily Divorced

Fran Drescher On Meeting Charles Shaughnessy

It was magic right from the beginning! (00:35)
Happily Divorced

Charles Shaughnessy On Being An Actor

Even as a kid Charles knew he wanted to act! (00:48)
Happily Divorced

Fran Drescher Wants to Thank YOU!

Fran Drescher is so thankful for all the support from her fans. (00:24)
Happily Divorced

Fran Drescher On Working With Charles Shaughnessy

Fran Drescher absolutely loves working with Charles Shaughnessy! (00:33)
Happily Divorced

Charles Shaughnessy on Meeting Fran Drescher

An Englishmen is always prepared for the rain! (01:05)
Happily Divorced

A Nanny Reunion!

Renee Taylor guest stars on Happily Divorced. (01:31)
From Episode: #108 | Aired: August 03, 2011
Happily Divorced

Let's go to Las Vegas

Peter must fill in for Cesar on a business trip to Las Vegas with Fran. (01:25)
From Episode: #110 | Aired: August 10, 2011
Happily Divorced

Fran Drescher and Peter Marc Jacobson on: Ray Romano

Did you know they all went to high school together in Queens, NY? (00:49)
Happily Divorced

John Michael Higgins on Multi-Camera Sitcoms

John Michael Higgins loves classic multi-camera sitcoms! (01:19)
Happily Divorced

Lou Diamond Phillips on Happily Divorced

Lou Diamond Phillips' character gives quite the goodbye! (01:27)
From Episode: #108 | Aired: August 03, 2011
Happily Divorced

Fran Drescher's Big News!

Fran Drescher has a special message for her fans about Happily Divorced! (00:45)
Happily Divorced

Fran Drescher Has Great News For The Cast

Fran Drescher tells the cast about Season 2 of Happily Divorced! (01:57)
Happily Divorced

Tichina The Diva

Tichina Arnold loves playing Judi on Happily Divorced where she gets to sing her heart out! (01:16)
Happily Divorced

Fran and Peter Go to a Support Group

Fran drags Peter to her support group to work through their issues. (01:07)
From Episode: #105 | Aired: July 13, 2011
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