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Happily Divorced

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Season 1 (11)

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Happily Divorced

Fran and Mr. Sherwood's Date

Mr. Sherwood invites Fran to his hotel room on a date - and something unexpected happens!
Happily Divorced

Let's go to Las Vegas

Peter must fill in for Cesar on a business trip to Las Vegas with Fran.
Happily Divorced

A Nanny Reunion!

Renee Taylor guest stars on Happily Divorced.
Happily Divorced

Lou Diamond Phillips on Happily Divorced

Lou Diamond Phillips' character gives quite the goodbye!
Happily Divorced

Fran and Peter Go to a Support Group

Fran drags Peter to her support group to work through their issues.
Happily Divorced

Cesar's Son Julio Stops by With Good News

Fran and Peter are a little too excited about their raffle prize.
Happily Divorced

Fran Has Deja vu

Fran sees a little too much of Peter in the groom to be.
Happily Divorced

Three's Company?

Peter stumbles into bed with Fran and Elliott!
Happily Divorced

Fran tries to Jump Back in

Fran and Peter have different plans for the night.
Happily Divorced

You're What?

Fran gets the shock of her life.
Happily Divorced

How do you Know?

Even Fran's parents knew the truth.