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Happily Divorced

Harry Van Gorkum

TV Land welcomes Harry Van Gorkum to the cast of Happily Divorced in the role of Fran (Fran Drescher) and Peter's (John Michael Higgins) cantankerous new neighbor.

Harry Van Gorkum is a London born, classically trained actor. He attended Lancaster University, and immediately began his career in theatre, performing in stage productions throughout England. In the 90s he decided to try his luck in the United States, and began appearing in guest roles on popular American television programs Seinfeld, and Veronica's Closet, and in films like 1997's Batman & Robin, and Gone in Sixty Seconds.

Perhaps Van Gorkum's most prolific American role to date is his appearance as Nigel Sheffield, older brother of Maxwell Sheffield in The Nanny. From there he went on to enjoy character parts on Just Shoot Me with Hot in Cleveland's Wendie Malick, on Will & Grace and on Charmed.

Recently, Van Gorkum has appeared on Chuck, CSI, NCIS, Entourage, and the final season of 24 as British Foreign Minister Louis Dalton.

Harry currently lives in Los Angeles.

Happily Divorced TV Schedule

August 23
Spousal Support
When a wealthy older client buys Peter gifts and monopolizes his time, Fran realizes that she has not moved on from the relationship as much as she thought.
I Wanna Be Alone
When Fran wins a cruise for two to Mexico, Peter and Judi vie for the chance to be her date. Realizing she's never been alone, Fran makes a surprising decision.
Someone Wants Me
Fran runs into Elliot and realizes she still isn't over him which prompts her to try online dating.
A Kiss is Just a Kiss
When Fran suspects her best friend’s man of hitting on her, she’s left with a decision that may tarnish their friendship. Guest star: Lou Diamond Phillips, Renee Taylor
August 30
Vegas Baby
Fran considers one last chance at love with Elliot.
Torn Between Two Lovetts
Charles Shaughnessy guest stars as a famous author who takes a liking to Peter and Fran.
The Burial Plotz
After the roof crashes in at Frantastic Flowers, Fran pays for the repairs by selling Peter's spot in the family burial plot. The move upsets Peter, forcing Fran to get creative if she ever wants to rest in peace again.
Daddy's Girl
When Glen mistakes a dying battery for a cricket in his phone, Fran worries that her father is finally getting old... But when he buys a motorcycle, Fran is afraid that he may have finally lost his mind.