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Good Times

BernNadette Stanis

Thelma Evans

BernNadette Stanis was born Dec. 22, 1953 in Brooklyn. A graduate of the Julliard School of Music, where she earned a B.A. degree in dramatic arts, Stanis is considered by many to be TV's first black sex symbol for her role as Thelma on Good Times. In the years since the show's cancellation, Stanis raised a family and co-produced several off-Broadway plays with her husband. She has made guest appearances in music videos and on television in Parenthood and Girlfriends.

Character Bio

As the middle Evans child and only daughter, Thelma Evans isn't afraid to stand up to her older brother and any other person who tries to take advantage of her. She's a daddy's girl, and her father can be over-protective. But that doesn't stop Thelma from being obsessed with boys (and accepting a few marriage proposals). Like the rest of her family, she also dreams of moving out of the projects, but until the day that dream is realized, Thelma does her best to be as much help as she can to her mother around the house. Her constant fighting with J.J. is too much for her parents to deal with at times, but their love for each other is deep. With her family behind her, Thelma is reassured that she will survive her teenage suffering.