Gilligan's Island

Episode Guide

Gilligan's Mother-In-Law

Episode: 037 | Aired:

A chance for rescue is greatly complicated when a native family from another island seeks a husband for their none-too-attractive daughter and decides Gilligan is just the man. Gilligan has no intention of marrying, though doing so would mean a trip to another island. Guest Stars: Russ Grieve, Mary Foran, Henny Backus (Jim Backus' real-life wife)

Beauty Is As Beauty Does

Episode: 038 | Aired:

The castaways argue over which of the island's three women is the most beautiful. Gilligan suggests a beauty contest should be held and is given the deciding vote.

The Little Dictator

Episode: 039 | Aired:

The quiet island gets another visitor: the exiled President Rodriguez of a war-torn country. Rodriguez informs the castaways he is the president of the new country he is founding on their island. Guest Star: Nehemiah Persof

Smile, You're On Mars Camera

Episode: 040 | Aired:

The castaways learn that a rocket, which has landed on the island, is erroneously believed by scientists to have landed on Mars. The rocket has a TV camera which scientists hope will tell them something of the distant planet.

The Sweepstakes

Episode: 041 | Aired:

Gilligan finds a winning South American lottery ticket worth $1 million, tax-free. He's jubilant about the prize and he's especially pleased that the Howells grant him membership to their private country club.

Quick Before It Sinks

Episode: 042 | Aired:

After the Professor measures the ocean's high water mark, he concludes that the island is rapidly sinking. Secretly, the men begin to build a new hut at the highest point on the island. Meanwhile, the women, in the dark about the impending catastrophe, have them wasting time landscaping the area around the old hut in the lowlands.

Castaway Pictures Presents

Episode: 043 | Aired:

Gilligan discovers the hull of an old ship near the island. The castaways salvage two large boxes containing silent film equipment. The Professor organizes a plan to make a movie of the island, hoping that it can be sent to the mainland on a raft. The movie is hilariously made and then put out to sea.

Agonized Labor

Episode: 044 | Aired:

Gilligan and the Skipper hear a radio broadcast detailing the collapse of the Howell financial empire. Mr. Howell is broke! The castaways help the Howells learn to work for a living.

Nyet, Nyet -- Not Yet

Episode: 045 | Aired:

Two Russian cosmonauts, Ivan and Igor, land on Gilligan's Island. The castaways are overjoyed as rescue is within reach. Then Gilligan overhears the Russians plotting to leave the castaways on the island. Guest Stars: Danny Klega, Vincent Beck

Hi-Fi Gilligan

Episode: 046 | Aired:

When the Skipper accidentally hits Gilligan in the face with a crate, it pushes two of his teeth together and creates a radio receiver in Gilligan's mouth.

The Chain Of Command

Episode: 047 | Aired:

The Skipper, fearing something dreadful will happen to him, eyes a possible leader for his succession.

Don't Bug The Mosquitoes

Episode: 048 | Aired:

Gilligan's favorite American singing group The Mosquitoes lands on the island. A ship is scheduled to pick up the band, but Gilligan forgets all about being rescued. Everyone else looks forward to rescue, but The Mosquitoes plan to stay a month or more for a vacation. Guest Stars: Les Brown, Jr., George Patterson, Ed Wade, Kirby Johnson

Gilligan Gets Bugged

Episode: 049 | Aired:

The Professor fears that Gilligan is doomed after being bitten by a large green and yellow bug. The Skipper, the Howells and the others witness symptoms of Gilligan's approaching demise, so they throw their friend a party to cheer him up in his final hours.

Mine Hero

Episode: 050 | Aired:

Gilligan fishes a World War II-era mine out of the lagoon, and then accidentally activates its timing device. When Mr. Howell misunderstands what Gilligan means by a mine, he claims half for himself and urges Gilligan to keep it hush, hush. It's only a matter of moments before Gilligan leads the Skipper and the Professor to the explosive device. Panic ensues when the Professor predicts the mine will destroy the entire island.

Erika Tiffany-Smith To The Rescue

Episode: 051 | Aired:

Erika Tiffany-Smith arrives on the island via yacht while searching for a husband and a deserted island on which to build a hotel. Erika then falls in love with the Professor. Guest Stars: Zsa Zsa Gabor, Michael Whitney

Not Guilty

Episode: 052 | Aired:

A shipping crate containing old newspapers floats ashore. The Skipper reads that an unnamed castaway is being sought in a murder investigation. Gilligan and the Skipper suspect a member of the group of committing the homicide.

You've Been Disconnected

Episode: 053 | Aired:

A fierce storm forces a communications cable into the lagoon. The Professor uses the island's resources to build a telephone, hoping the castaways can call the U.S. They attach their handmade telephone, and take turns trying to complete a call.

The Postman Cometh

Episode: 054 | Aired:

The men of Gilligan's Island learn from a radio newscast that Mary Ann's boyfriend back home has married another girl. The men don't want Mary Ann to be hurt by the news. Rather than tell their friend what has happened, they try to divert her attention by pursuing her en masse.

Seer, Gilligan

Episode: 055 | Aired:

Gilligan becomes a psychic. An island bush bears seeds which, when eaten, make reading minds possible. The other castaways pester Gilligan until he promises to provide seeds for all. Several bags of the psychic seeds are eagerly divided amongst the group. They all immediately try to read everyone else's minds -- with disastrous results!

Love Me, Love My Skipper

Episode: 056 | Aired:

The Howells plan a party. Everyone receives an invitation except the Skipper. Displeased over the rude treatment of one of their friends, all the other castaways reject the Howells' invitation and plan a party of their own. Mrs. Howell blames her husband for the blunder and he angrily moves out of their hut.

Gilligan's Living Doll

Episode: 057 | Aired:

An experimental robot launched by the U.S. Air Force parachutes onto the island. The castaways discover that the robot obeys any command. They order it to build a boat and they quickly become the not-so-proud owners of a toy-sized vessel. The islanders soon discover, however, that their efforts to train the robot haven't been entirely wasted. Guest Star: Bob D'Arcy

Forward March

Episode: 058 | Aired:

The castaways are attacked! Mr. Howell organizes an army, appointing himself general. The men search the island for the enemy while the women set up a base hospital and U.S.O. Their plans are disrupted when Gilligan gets captured. Guest Star: Janos Prohaska

Ship Ahoax

Episode: 059 | Aired:

The castaways begin to suffer from "Island Madness." They have been trapped in a small area for so long that they are tiring of each other to the point of insanity! The Professor and Ginger distract everyone by pretending that Ginger can predict the future and that she sees a ship coming to rescue them.

Feed The Kitty

Episode: 060 | Aired:

A caged lion washes ashore on the island, only to escape! The men form a safari posse and hunt the beast. Gilligan, too scared to help, stays with the women in camp. He soon finds the camp deserted. Hearing the lion roar nearby, Gilligan runs into one of the huts and barricades the door. Problem is, he's trapped in the hut with the lion. Guest Star: Janos Prohaska

Operation: Steam Heat

Episode: 061 | Aired:

Hot water spurting from beneath the island warns the castaways that a volcano is about to erupt. The Professor scours the island for materials to make a nitroglycerin bomb to impede the destructive force of the volcano.

Will The Real Mr. Howell Please Stand Up

Episode: 062 | Aired:

The radio reports that Mr. Howell has been rescued and is selling blocks of stock from his financial empire. The real Mr. Howell starts to swim to the mainland to save his finances, but the other castaways hold him back. Mr. Howell offers $1 million to the person who can get him safely back to the mainland.

Ghost A Go Go

Episode: 063 | Aired:

The island has a ghost. The castaways see and hear strange things at night that frighten them greatly. The Professor organizes a search for a missing bed sheet, which disappeared a few days earlier. He believes that the "ghost" is actually the missing sheet blowing around in the wind. Guest Stars: Richard Kiel, Charles Maxwell

Allergy Time

Episode: 064 | Aired:

When the Skipper becomes allergic to Gilligan, Gilligan vacates their hut and moves in with the Professor. The Professor soon develops the same allergy. Gilligan moves in with the Howells, but they too succumb to the allergy! Gilligan finally heads to the other side of the island to live by himself.

The Friendly Physician

Episode: 065 | Aired:

A small one-man boat lands on Gilligan's Island to rescue the castaways. The boatman lives in a castle on a nearby island and saw the castaways' signal fire. He takes Gilligan and the Skipper to his island so they can pick up a larger boat. At the castle, Gilligan and the Skipper start feeling as though they're in a haunted house. Guest Stars: Vito Scotti, Mike Mazurki

'V' For Vitamins

Episode: 066 | Aired:

The Skipper can no longer do anything physically strenuous. The Professor diagnoses his problem as a vitamin deficiency. A possible remedy surfaces when Gilligan finds the last orange on an orange tree. The Professor suggests they give the orange to the one person who needs it most, but determining who that is proves next to impossible.

Mr. & Mrs. ???

Episode: 067 | Aired:

A radio report indicates that the "minister" who married Mr. and Mrs. Howell is a fraud. All marriages performed by him are null and void. Mr. and Mrs. Howell divide all their belongings and move into separate quarters until they can be properly married. Mrs. Howell insists that everyone address her by her maiden name and treat her with the respect due to a single woman. Gilligan suggests that the Skipper marry the Howells. As the Skipper of a ship, he has authority to marry couples, but only on water. Gilligan builds a raft that can be pushed into the lagoon and used for the wedding ceremony. For the first time, it appears that one of Gilligan's suggestions will be successful!

Meet The Meteor

Episode: 068 | Aired:

A large meteorite lands on Gilligan's Island and threatens the lives of every living thing. The Professor, the Skipper and Gilligan seek ways of destroying the meteorite.