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Gilligan's Island

Tina Louise

Ginger Grant

A true diva of classic television, Tina Louise wishes she never set foot on that uncharted desert island. Entering show business in the mid-1950s, Louise worked as a nightclub singer and in Broadway productions such as Li'l Abner, while simultaneously making numerous TV appearances. She guest-starred on shows of a variety of genres, including dramas (Studio One), Westerns (Tales of Wells Fargo), comedies (Sgt. Bilko) and variety shows (The Dean Martin Show).

After landing the part of Ginger Grant on Gilligan's Island, Louise found the role to be as difficult to escape as the fabled isle. Upon discovering that she was not, as she had reportedly been told, the star of the show, Louise never imagined Gilligan's Island would have such lasting appeal. Despite the millions of adoring fans who admire her captivating and sensual portrayal of movie star Ginger Grant, Louise became so uncomfortably associated with the role that she has spent a lifetime trying to leave it behind.

While she remains Ginger to most of her fans, Tina Louise has appeared in several fine dramatic and comic productions since leaving the island, including the feature The Stepford Wives, and the classic '80s prime-time soap, Dallas. She has also guest-starred on dozens of TV shows, from Mannix and CHiPs to Fantasy Island.

Character Bio

Va va voom! Ginger Grant has to be the sexiest wahini to ever set foot on the S.S. Minnow. A Hollywood actress and aspiring starlet, Ginger is always capable of heating things up on the island. Lucky for her, the four men she is stranded with are no threat to her virtue. The stoic Skipper, the preoccupied Professor, the childlike first mate and a married millionaire are probably the only four men in the Western World who could resist her charms.

On the verge of being Hollywood's next "It" girl, Ginger appeared in a bevy of pictures that contain useful information for island living. She also employs her myriad talents to entertain the castaways and various visitors to the island. Though not adept at menial labor, she is quite handy at creating her own luscious wardrobe out of Mrs. Howell's hand-me-downs.

Gilligan's Island TV Schedule

November 28
Smile, You're On Mars Camera
A rocket lands on the lsland and is believed by scientists to have landed on Mars.
Castaway Pictures Presents
Gilligan discovers the hull of an old ship near the island.
Hi-Fi Gilligan
The Skipper accidentally hits Gilligan in the face with a crate
Meet The Meteor
A large meteorite lands on Gilligan's Island and threatens the lives of every living thing.
Up At Bat
Gilligan follows a rolling coconut into an unexplored cave and emerges with a bat bite on his neck.
Gilligan Vs. Gilligan
Gilligan is suspected as the culprit behind the disappearance of Mary Ann's freshly baked pie.
Pass The Vegetables Please
Gilligan snags an unusual catch when he reels in a wooden crate on the end of his fishing line.
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
The Skipper warns Gilligan not to work so hard doing everyone else's laundry.
Topsy Turvy
Gilligan bumps into a tree, blurring his vision.
Gilligan Goes Gung Ho
The Professor realizes the need to establish formal law and order.
Gilligan's Personal Magnetism
Lightning strikes Gilligan as he's about to try bowling with a stone ball.