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Gilligan's Island

Dawn Wells

Mary Ann

Although she had originally dreamed of being a ballerina, problems with her knees forced Dawn Wells to retire from the dance at an early age. Undaunted, plucky Dawn went on to become Miss Nevada, which led her to the 1960 Miss America competition. Although she didn't win, Wells was able to launch a career as an actress, and by 1961 had appeared on a number of TV shows including Tales of Wells Fargo, Maverick and 77 Sunset Strip.

Gilligan's Island's Mary Ann was Wells's first and last regular role, but she continued to act in films, TV movies and in guest-starring roles on series. Wells also appeared in numerous theatrical productions, including a national tour of They're Playing Our Song.

Like many of her former castmates, Wells has always been proud of her connection to Gilligan's Island and enjoys meeting her fans at reunions, revivals and personal appearances. She even wrote Mary Ann's Gilligan's Island Cook Book, which is chock-full of tasty recipes and entertaining trivia related to the classic TV series. Wells also runs the Film Actor's Boot Camp in Idaho and has created her own "Wishing Wells" line of clothing for the physically challenged.

Character Bio

A simple farm girl from Kansas, Mary Ann may be the true voice of reason on the island. Her down to earth demeanor and simple ways make her the most stable of the castaways. Luckily for them, this little farm girl can cook -- even with the island's limited ingredients. She can also clean and sew, making her perfect marriage material – though Skipper is blinded by Ginger's beauty, Mr. Howell is already married, the Professor is too preoccupied to notice her and dizzy Gilligan is too juvenile to like girls. Although she's moral and practical, Mary Ann has a twinge of jealousy for Ginger, wishing in vain that she could occasionally be the center of attention for something other than her coconut cream pie.

Gilligan's Island TV Schedule

November 28
Smile, You're On Mars Camera
A rocket lands on the lsland and is believed by scientists to have landed on Mars.
Castaway Pictures Presents
Gilligan discovers the hull of an old ship near the island.
Hi-Fi Gilligan
The Skipper accidentally hits Gilligan in the face with a crate
Meet The Meteor
A large meteorite lands on Gilligan's Island and threatens the lives of every living thing.
Up At Bat
Gilligan follows a rolling coconut into an unexplored cave and emerges with a bat bite on his neck.
Gilligan Vs. Gilligan
Gilligan is suspected as the culprit behind the disappearance of Mary Ann's freshly baked pie.
Pass The Vegetables Please
Gilligan snags an unusual catch when he reels in a wooden crate on the end of his fishing line.
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
The Skipper warns Gilligan not to work so hard doing everyone else's laundry.
Topsy Turvy
Gilligan bumps into a tree, blurring his vision.
Gilligan Goes Gung Ho
The Professor realizes the need to establish formal law and order.
Gilligan's Personal Magnetism
Lightning strikes Gilligan as he's about to try bowling with a stone ball.