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Set Sail With Gilligan

Alan Hale, Jr.

Gilligan's Island

Alan Hale, Jr.

Skipper Jonas Grumby

Jonas "The Skipper" Grumby

A genuine chip off the old block, Alan Hale, Jr. not only had a remarkable resemblance to his father, silent movie actor Alan Hale, Sr., but also followed closely in his footsteps by becoming an actor. He appeared on the big screen for the first time as a toddler, and continued acting his entire life.

Beginning in the '30s, Alan Hale, Jr. appeared in dozens of supporting roles on the silver screen, and added television work to his resume in the '50s. Hale was cast as the lead in the 1952-3 series Biff Baker, USA, an adventure show on which he starred as an importer who regularly got entangled in international espionage. Biff's global adventures only lasted one season, so Hale quickly switched gears and became the title character in the 1956 syndicated series, Casey Jones.

In 1964, Hale won the role of a lifetime, the Skipper on Gilligan's Island. Although he continued to act in feature films and guest star on TV shows, Alan Hale, Jr. became the Skipper, proudly wearing his captain's hat on screen and off. So proudly, in fact, that he was rarely seen without it. Hale was known as a warm and friendly person who always had time for his fans. He eventually opened a West Hollywood restaurant called Alan Hale's Lobster Barrel, where he often served as maitre d'. In the late '80s, Hale gave up the eatery and ran a travel agency.

On January 2, 1990, Hale passed away at the age of 71 from cancer of the thymus.

Character Bio

With a gruff exterior, Skipper Jonas Grumby is really a teddy bear at heart. The quite large and in charge captain of the Minnow is the bumbling leader and protector responsible for keeping the island safe from the elements, local savages and his inept first mate, Gilligan.

A local businessman, the Skipper ran a small charter business out of a port in Honolulu, Hawaii, giving day tours to vacationers until that fateful day. He met his anomalous first mate while serving in the navy. Gilligan became his "little buddy" for life when he apparently saved the Skipper from a charge that had broken loose on the deck of the destroyer where they were serving.

The Skipper does his best to take care of his stranded castaways while trying to teach Gilligan how to become a good leader -- and keep him from sabotaging every attempt to get off the island.

Gilligan's Island TV Schedule

April 24
Physical Fatness
The castaways begin planning for life back home.
It's Magic
Are there headhunters on Gilligan's Island?
Goodbye, Old Paint
The island gets yet another visitor: a famous painter who has renounced civilization.
April 25
My Fair Gilligan
Gilligan is adopted and dubbed "G. Thurston Howell, IV."
A Nose By Any Other Name
A fall from a coconut tree gives Gilligan an inflated nose and a deflated ego.
Gilligan's Mother-In-Law
A native family from another island seeks a husband for their none-too-attractive daughter.
April 26
The Kidnapper
Mrs. Howell is kidnapped for a ransom of $10,000.
And Then There Were None
While hanging a clothesline with Gilligan, Mary Ann suddenly disappears.
All About Eva
The castaways discover a beached boat in excellent condition.
Take A Dare
George Barkley takes the dare on the "Take A Dare" radio contest.
Court Martial
The Maritime Board of Inquiry has declared the Skipper at fault in the loss of his charter boat.
The Hunter
Hunter Jonathan Kincaid lands on the island.
Our Vines Have Tender Apes
A savage appears at the castaways' camp.