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Gilligan's Island

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Gilligan's Island: Hamlet

The castaways perform a musical version of 'Hamlet' to impress Hollywood producer Harold Hecuba. (01:54)

Gilligan's Island: Radioactive Vegetables

Gilligan finds a crate of radioactive seeds that gives the crew "super powers". (02:02)

Gilligan's Island: The Honey Bees

Gilligan's favorite American singing group 'The Mosquitoes' lands on the island. The girls perform their debut single, "You Need Us." (02:08)

Gilligan's Island: Smile, Your on Mars Camera

A satellite bound for Mars lands on the island. The castaways devise a plan to use the satellite to get rescued. (02:01)

Gilligan's Island: The Beauty Pageant

The guys sponsor the girls in a beauty pageant. (02:00)

About Gilligan's Island

In September 1964 the S.S. Minnow set sail on a three-hour tour that would last three years in primetime. Although Gilligan's Island is the brainchild of Brady Bunch creator Sherwood Schwartz (and was one of the worst-reviewed shows ever broadcast) it was always a favorite with the viewing public. Millions of people tuned in to see the comic antics of the inept Gilligan and watch each week as the castaways inevitably failed to get off the island.

Despite its brief time on air, the show has lived on through reruns, reunions, and even a musical. Dawn Wells (Mary Ann) executive produced Surviving Gilligan's Island: The Incredibly True Story of the Longest Three-Hour Tour in History in 2001. The documentary was a behind-the-scenes look into the making of the series and featured many of the original cast members. It often seems that Gilligan's Island will live forever -- and the tour will never end. Unlike that other certain popular, stranded-on-an-island show (cough, Lost)!

Gilligan's Island TV Schedule

November 30
Ghost A Go Go
The island has a ghost.
Allergy Time
Skipper becomes allergic to Gilligan.
The Friendly Physician
A small one-man boat lands on Gilligan's Island to rescue the castaways. Guest Stars: Vito Scotti, Mike Mazurki
December 1
'V' For Vitamins
The Skipper can no longer do anything physically strenuous.
Mr. & Mrs. ???
A radio report indicates that the "minister" who married Mr. and Mrs. Howell is a fraud.
Meet The Meteor
A large meteorite lands on Gilligan's Island and threatens the lives of every living thing.
December 2
Gilligan Vs. Gilligan
Gilligan is suspected as the culprit behind the disappearance of Mary Ann's freshly baked pie.
Pass The Vegetables Please
Gilligan snags an unusual catch when he reels in a wooden crate on the end of his fishing line.
The Producer
Egomaniacal Hollywood producer Harold Hecuba makes an emergency landing on the island. Guest Star: Phil Silvers

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