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Gilligan's Island

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Gilligan's Island: Hamlet

The castaways perform a musical version of 'Hamlet' to impress Hollywood producer Harold Hecuba. (01:54)

Gilligan's Island: Radioactive Vegetables

Gilligan finds a crate of radioactive seeds that gives the crew "super powers". (02:02)

Gilligan's Island: The Honey Bees

Gilligan's favorite American singing group 'The Mosquitoes' lands on the island. The girls perform their debut single, "You Need Us." (02:08)

Gilligan's Island: Smile, Your on Mars Camera

A satellite bound for Mars lands on the island. The castaways devise a plan to use the satellite to get rescued. (02:01)

Gilligan's Island: The Beauty Pageant

The guys sponsor the girls in a beauty pageant. (02:00)

About Gilligan's Island

While sightseeing, the small charter boat, S.S. Minnow, is shipwrecked during a terrible storm. Now Gilligan, the Skipper, a millionaire and his wife, a movie-star, the Professor and Mary Ann are all stranded on the island.

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