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The One With the Jellyfish

Episode: 074 | Aired: September 25, 1997

Ross loves dating Rachel again -- but hates what he did to accomplish the reconciliation. Phoebe gets to know her mother.

The One With the Cat

Episode: 075 | Aired: October 02, 1997

Phoebe thinks her adoptive mother's spirit inhabits a stray cat. Joey's attempt to sell his entertainment center proves hazardous. Guest Star: Dan Gauthier

The One With the Cuffs

Episode: 076 | Aired: October 09, 1997

Monica tries to prove her mother wrong. Chandler gets into an embarrassing situation while dating Rachel's boss.

The One With the Ballroom Dancing

Episode: 077 | Aired: October 16, 1997

Joey makes an odd deal with the building superintendent to prevent him from evicting Rachel and Monica. Phoebe wants to date her sexy massage client.

The One With Joey's Girlfriend

Episode: 078 | Aired: October 30, 1997

Joey thinks that Chandler hates Joey's new girlfriend--but the truth could be even more upsetting. Ross and Rachel try to make each other jealous.

The One With the Dirty Girl

Episode: 079 | Aired: November 06, 1997

Ross' beautiful new girlfriend has a disgusting secret. Chandler becomes more familiar with Joey's girlfriend.

The One Where Chandler Crosses the Line

Episode: 080 | Aired: November 13, 1997

Chandler is guilt-ridden after kissing Joey's girlfriend. Ross' musical talents are not as amazing as he and Phoebe think.

The One With Chandler in a Box

Episode: 081 | Aired: November 20, 1997

On Thanksgiving, Joey wants to punish Chandler for kissing Kathy. Monica gets a surprise when she visits an eye doctor.

The One Where They are Going to a Party!

Episode: 082 | Aired: December 11, 1997

The guys try to be spontaneous and wild. After Monica gives a bad restaurant review, she receives a new career opportunity. Rachel's boss offers her a promotion.

The One With the Girl From Poughkeepsie

Episode: 083 | Aired: December 18, 1997

Ross struggles to maintain a long-distance relationship. Chandler tries to get a date for Rachel. Monica schemes to establish authority at her new restaurant job.

The One With Phoebe's Uterus

Episode: 084 | Aired: January 08, 1998

Phoebe's half-brother makes an astounding announcement and a thought-provoking request. Joey finds himself in a class struggle.

The One With the Embryos

Episode: 085 | Aired: January 15, 1998

Phoebe finds out whether she is pregnant or not. A simple challenge escalates into a full-blown contest between the guys and the women.

The One With Rachel's Crush

Episode: 086 | Aired: January 29, 1998

Rachel schemes to get a handsome client to ask her on a date. Chandler's jealousy causes problems with his girlfriend.

The One With Joey's Dirty Day

Episode: 087 | Aired: February 05, 1998

Charlton Heston finds Joey in a compromising position during a movie shoot. Rachel regrets asking Ross for a favor. Guest Star: Charlton Heston

The One With all the Rugby

Episode: 088 | Aired: February 26, 1998

Chandler's annoying former girlfriend reappears. Ross plays rugby to impress Emily -- with painful results.

The One With the Fake Party

Episode: 089 | Aired: March 19, 1998

Trying to become better acquainted with her sexy client, Rachel inadvertently thwarts Ross' plans for a romantic evening with his girlfriend.

The One With the Free Porn

Episode: 090 | Aired: March 26, 1998

Monica helps Ross tell his girlfriend that he loves her. Phoebe gets some surprising news about her pregnancy.

The One With Rachel's New Dress

Episode: 091 | Aired: April 02, 1998

Ross and his ex-wife become jealous when their lovers go to England together. Rachel's plans to seduce her boyfriend go awry.

The One With all the Haste

Episode: 092 | Aired: April 09, 1998

Changes occur in Ross' relationship with Emily. Monica and Rachel will do anything to get their old apartment back from the guys.

The One With all the Wedding Dresses

Episode: 093 | Aired: April 16, 1998

Rachel reacts drastically to Ross' engagement. Chandler becomes exasperated by Joey's snoring.

The One With the Invitation

Episode: 094 | Aired: April 23, 1998

Rachel and the engaged Ross reminisce separately about when they dated each other. The friends get invitations to Ross' wedding--but not all of them are going.

The One With the Worst Best Man Ever

Episode: 095 | Aired: April 30, 1998

Joey loses Ross' treasured wedding ring. Phoebe has extreme mood variations from her pregnancy.

The One With Ross's Wedding, Pt 2

Episode: 097 | Aired: May 07, 1998

Rachel frantically tries to get to London before Ross marries Emily. Ross' father clashes with Emily's. Guest Stars: Olivia Williams, Hugh Laurie

The One With Ross's Wedding, Pt 1

Episode: 096 | Aired: May 07, 1998

Rachel stays home while the others go to England for Ross' wedding. Guest Stars: Christina Pickles, Richard Branson, Jennifer Saunders, Tom Conti, Elliott Gould, Sarah, The Duchess of York