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The One After Joey And Rachel Kiss

Episode: 219 | Aired: September 25, 2003

Phoebe, Monica and Chandler learn all the romantic drama by listening through the thin hotel room walls to hear Joey and Rachel's conversation.

The One Where Ross Is Fine

Episode: 220 | Aired: October 02, 2003

Rachel, Joey and Charlie attend an uncomfortable dinner party at Ross's apartment. Guest Star: Aisha Tyler

The One With Ross's Tan

Episode: 221 | Aired: October 09, 2003

Ross goes to a spray-on tanning salon, but fails to follow the simple directions properly.

The One With The Cake

Episode: 222 | Aired: October 23, 2003

Complications ensue when a racy, adult birthday cake arrives at Emma's first birthday party.

The One Where Rachel's Sister Baby-sits

Episode: 223 | Aired: October 30, 2003

In order to help Amy become a more responsible person, Rachel allows her to baby-sit for Emma. Guest Star: Christina Applegate

The One With Ross's Grant

Episode: 224 | Aired: November 06, 2003

Ross finds himself up against Dr. Hobart for an esteemed paleontology grant. Guest Star: Greg Kinnear

The One With The Home Study

Episode: 225 | Aired: November 13, 2003

Monica and Chandler nervously prepare for a visit from an adoption worker, Laura, who will decide if they would be suitable parents. Guest Star: Maria Pitillo

The One With The Late Thanksgiving

Episode: 226 | Aired: November 20, 2003

Monica prepares a beautiful Thanksgiving feast for the gang, but she becomes furious when everyone arrives late to the gathering.

The One With The Birth Mother

Episode: 227 | Aired: January 08, 2004

Nervous and excited, Monica andChandler travel to Texas to meet a young pregnant woman, Erica Simmons, who is considering allowing them to adopt her child when it's born. Guest Star: Anna Faris

The One Where Chandler Gets Caught

Episode: 228 | Aired: January 15, 2004

When Phoebe and Rachel see Chandler getting into a car with a pretty woman during work hours, they follow him to the suburbs and witness him going inside a large house.

The One Where The Stripper Cries

Episode: 229 | Aired: February 05, 2004

Monica and Rachel hire an ungainly stripper, Roy, without seeing him first, for Phoebe's bachelorette party. Guest Star: Danny DeVito

The One With Phoebe's Wedding

Episode: 230 | Aired: February 12, 2004

Phoebe's wedding planner, Monica, makes everyone around her crazy, until Phoebe fires her.

The One Where Joey Speaks French

Episode: 231 | Aired: February 19, 2004

Joey implores Francophile Phoebe to teach him French before an important audition.

The One With Princess Consuela

Episode: 232 | Aired: February 26, 2004

Rachel nearly gags on her meal when she secretly meets at a restaurant for a job interview and sits right next to the table where her current boss is dining.

The One Where Estelle Dies

Episode: 233 | Aired: April 22, 2004

Joey is so flustered by all the upheaval in his friends' lives that Phoebe prevents him from learning about the sudden death of his agent.

The One With Rachel's Going Away Party

Episode: 234 | Aired: April 29, 2004

As Rachel prepares to leave for Paris, the gang hosts a farewell party for her.

The Last One, Pt 1

Episode: 235 | Aired: May 06, 2004

Filled with humor and bittersweet emotion, the series finale finds the gang embarking on the next chapters in their lives.

The Last One, Pt 2

Episode: 236 | Aired: May 06, 2004

Now it's their last day together, and it's one of momentous events and last-minute surprises. Even as the friends make major decisions about their futures, they share a bond that will last forever - no matter where their paths lead.