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Episode: 001 | Aired: September 22, 1994

Six friends in their twenties pursue careers, love and happiness in New York City while relying on each other for support.

The One With the Sonogram

Episode: 002 | Aired: September 29, 1994

Ross is stunned to learn his ex-wife is pregnant with their child. Monica's dinner for her overly critical parents is a disaster. Guest Stars: Elliott Gould, Christina Pickles

The One With the Thumb

Episode: 003 | Aired: October 06, 1994

The group loves Monica's new boyfriend; Chandler resumes smoking; and Phoebe receives a large sum of money unexpectedly.

The One With the George Stephanopolous

Episode: 004 | Aired: October 13, 1994

While the men attend a hockey game and end up at a hospital, the women spy on President Clinton's top aide, George Stephanopoulos, who lives across the street. Rachel receives her first paycheck.

The One With the East German Laundry Detergent

Episode: 005 | Aired: October 20, 1994

While Phoebe and Chandler end their respective romantic relationships, Rachel and Ross do laundry together on their first date.

The One With the Butt

Episode: 006 | Aired: October 27, 1994

Joey gets a film role as a stand-in for Al Pacino's butt. Ross tries to be less conservative. Chandler has an affair with a married woman. Guest Stars: Sofia Milos

The One With the Blackout

Episode: 007 | Aired: November 03, 1994

A citywide power outage leaves Chandler stranded in the vestibule for a banking machine with gorgeous model Jill Connick. Ross tries to ask Rachel out on a date. Joey learns that Monica used to be infatuated with him. Guest Star: Jill Connick

The One Where Nana Dies Twice

Episode: 008 | Aired: November 10, 1994

When Ross and Monica's grandmother dies, the whole gang attendsthe funeral service. Chandler questions his sexual persona when a co-worker wants to arrange a date for him -- with another guy.

The One Where Underdog Gets Away

Episode: 009 | Aired: November 17, 1994

Monica intends to host a cozy Thanksgiving feast in her apartment with her friends, but her plans go awry, and the feast becomes a fiasco.

The One With the Monkey

Episode: 010 | Aired: December 15, 1994

The friends promise to celebrate New Year's Eve without dates, but soon all their plans change. Ross gets a pet monkey.

The One With Mrs. Bing

Episode: 011 | Aired: January 05, 1995

Chandler's flamboyant mother comes to New York for a visit. Phoebe and Monica cause a traffic accident. Guest Stars: Morgan Fairchild, Jay Leno

The One With the Dozen Lasagnas

Episode: 012 | Aired: January 12, 1995

Rachel's Italian boyfriend tries to seduce Phoebe. Rachel accidentally reveals a secret to Ross. Monica's aunt refuses to take the lasagnas she ordered from Monica.

The One With the Boobies

Episode: 013 | Aired: January 19, 1995

Chandler sees Rachel nude. Joey learns his father is having an affair. Guest Star: Brenda Vaccaro

The One With the Candy Hearts

Episode: 014 | Aired: February 09, 1995

On Valentine's Day, Ross meets his ex-wife while on his first date in nine years. The girls rebel by burning mementos of past relationships.

The One With the Stoned Guy

Episode: 015 | Aired: February 16, 1995

A restaurant owner interviews Monica for a chef's position. Ross asks Joey how to "talk dirty" to women. Guest Star: Jon Lovitz

The One With 2 Parts, Pt 1

Episode: 016 | Aired: February 23, 1995

Phoebe's twin sister causes confusion and conflict. Ross attends childbirth classes with his ex-wife and her girlfriend.

The One With 2 Parts, Pt 2

Episode: 017 | Aired: February 23, 1995

Rachel and Monica squabble over two handsome doctors. Ross ponders his impending fatherhood with his own father. Guest Stars: George Clooney, Elliot Gould and Noah Wyle

The One With All the Poker

Episode: 018 | Aired: March 02, 1995

The women lose money in a poker game with the men. After getting advice from a champion card player, they demand a rematch.

The One Where the Monkey Gets Away

Episode: 019 | Aired: March 09, 1995

Rachel accidentally lets Ross' pet monkey escape, and the friends form a search party. Rachel learns that her former best friend is engaged to marry Rachel's former fiance.

The One With the Evil Orthodontist

Episode: 020 | Aired: April 06, 1995

Rachel reunites with her duplicitous ex-fiance. Chandler agonizes about a woman who doesn't call him after the first date.

The One With the Fake Monica

Episode: 021 | Aired: April 27, 1995

Monica meets a woman who helps her live out her fantasies. Ross' pet monkey becomes sexually mature and makes everyone crazy.

The One With the Ick Factor

Episode: 022 | Aired: May 04, 1995

Monica finds out more than she wants to know about her latest love. Chandler's friends at work treat him differently since his promotion. Ross' ex-wife begins giving birth.

The One With the Birth

Episode: 023 | Aired: May 11, 1995

When Carol gives birth, Ross and Susan almost miss the event. Joey befriends an unmarried pregnant woman.

The One Where Rachel Finds Out

Episode: 024 | Aired: May 18, 1995

Rachel finds out about Ross' secret love for her -- but another surprise awaits her.