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Forever Young

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Forever Young Extended Scene: Vegas

What happens in Vegas? Watch an exclusive extended sneak peek of Forever Young and find out! (01:27)

Forever Young Extended Scene: Makeover

The Juniors and Seniors pick out each other's wardrobes! Watch an exclusive extended sneak peek of Forever Young. (01:30)

Forever Young Sneak Peek: Finale

The juniors and seniors head to Vegas to dance, gamble and reflect on their experiences together before being presented with a life changing decision. (00:30)

Forever Young Extended Scene: Pole Dancing

Pole dancing a go-go! Watch an exclusive extended scene from Forever Young! (01:25)

Forever Young Sneak Peek: Party in Palm Springs

The juniors and seniors take a party bus to Palm Springs where they are given a chance to unwind their cares and rewind their wardrobes. (00:15)

About Forever Young

Fun-loving, uninhibited twenty-somethings are unknowingly picked to live and work with strong-willed, opinionated seventy-somethings as they compete in challenges designed to bridge the generation gap.

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