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First Love, Second Chance

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Bonus Diary: Chris

Chris can't believe how much seeing Breanne has changed his life. (01:33)

Bonus Diary: Breanne

Breanne is amazed that Chris came all the way to LA to see her. (02:05)

Bonus Diary: John

John just wants to be friends with Deanne. (01:56)

Bonus Diary: Deanne

Deanne is really happy she got to see John again. (02:10)

Bonus Diary: Hollis

Hollis talks to Chris via video message after their two weeks together. (01:23)

About First Love, Second Chance

Everyone remembers their first love. But what if the one who got away came back? What if you could give your very first love a second chance? TV Land is helping lost loves find out! First Love Second Chance is a TV Land PRIME original series that reunites former flames to give them a shot at rekindling their romance. They take turns living in each other's world while reconnecting, reminiscing, sorting out what they once had (and what drove them apart) -- and imagining a future together. Finally, they head back to their own homes and make a decision, which each sweetheart sends via video: Do they want to call it quits or commit to giving their relationship a second chance?

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