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Fantasy Island

Hit Man/ The Swimmer

Episode: 040 | Aired: September 07, 1979

A desperate man whose business is going under hires a hit man to kill him so his family will receive the insurance benefits. A young woman who was an Olympic swimmer before becoming paralyzed in an accident hopes to be cured of her handicap. Guest Stars: Kaye Ballard, David Doyle, Eddie Mekka, Constance Towers, Ronnie Scribner, Katrina Alexy, Shelley Johnson, Nancy Taylor, Gail Fisher, Peter Graves, Eve Plumb, April Gilpin, Steven Spencer

The Stuntman/ Goose for the Gander

Episode: 041 | Aired: September 14, 1979

A father and son, both stuntmen and bitterly competitive, have a chance to be reunited. A woman who wants to win a cooking contest has her special recipe stolen by a desperate French chef. Guest Stars: Grant Goodeve, Dale Robertson, Dana Wynter, Skip Homier, Roy Jenson, Fred Lerner, John McCafferty, Hans Conreid, Doris Roberts, Vito Scotti, Abe Vigoda, Alvin Ing

Tattoo: The Love God/ Magnolia Blossoms

Episode: 042 | Aired: September 21, 1979

Tattoo lives out a fantasy of his own by becoming the God of Love to many beautiful native women. Two nurses seek romance and love ala Gone With the Wind. Guest Stars: Marianne Marks, Kalani Kinimaka, Esmond Chung, Cathy Paulo, Jake Hoopai, Elijah Papke, Judi Andersen, Christopher Connelly, Gene Evans, Pamela Franklin, Lisa Hartman, Dack Rambo, Luke Askew, John Chandler, Laurence Bame, Ed Fury, Biff Warren, Ingrid Wang

Marathon: Battle of the Sexes/ Baby

Episode: 043 | Aired: October 05, 1979

Tattoo decides to adopt an orphaned baby boy temporarily placed in his custody. Two young women tackle an all-male competition in a grueling race, attempting to save their hometown on Fantasy Island. Guest Stars: Barbi Benton, Arlene Golonka, Peter Isacksen, Dick Martin, Paul Petersen, Bob Seagren, Bruce M. Fischer, Shelley Fabares, Joey Forman, Beverly Powers, Elizabeth Hoy, Norm Grabowski, Barbara Luna, Marilyn Michaels, David Yanez, Gavin Brendan, Joshua Gallegos

Chain Gang/ The Boss

Episode: 044 | Aired: October 20, 1979

A young man's obsession to clear the name of his dead father could wind up getting him killed. A young woman finds excitement in running a large corporation and becomes tainted by some very unexpected pitfalls. Guest Stars: Dennis Cole, Pat Klous, Cameron Mitchell, R.G. Armstrong, Olan Soule, Brett Halsey, Roddy McDowall, Donna Mills, John Myhers, Stacey Keach Jr., Danielle Aubrey

Red Baron/ Young at Heart

Episode: 045 | Aired: October 27, 1979

A man has a chance to experience The Great War first hand when he becomes a World War I Flying Ace. A 50-year-old woman who has never experienced romance wishes to be 25 again and to fall in love. Guest Stars: Don Adams, Martine Beswick, Ron Ely, Al Ruscio, Tom Kindle, Stephen Heu, Michael Pitton, David Gilliam, Robert O'Reilly, Gene Scherer, Darl Severns, Diana Canova, David Ladd, Dave Madden

The Wedding

Episode: 046 | Aired: November 03, 1979

Mr. Roarke's happiness is cut short by the untimely death of his beautiful bride. Guest Stars: Samatha Eggar, John Paul Balson, Joseph Cotton, Laraine Day, Don Ho, Dick Fair, Malia Boyd, Angela Moses, Damien Kahaulelio

Tatoo's Romance/ Handyman

Episode: 047 | Aired: November 10, 1979

A pushy woman exploits Tattoo's love for her niece in order to further the girl's singing career. A small-time bookie seeks safety from a gangster who is out to kill him. Guest Stars: Carolyn Jones, Audrey Landers, Richard Paul, Nanci Roberts, Betty Jean Samuelson, K.C. Winkler, Linda Fontana, Sonny Bono, Shelley Fabares, Joey Forman, Beverly Powers, Elizabeth Hoy, Norm Grabowski

The Dancer/ Nobody's There

Episode: 048 | Aired: November 17, 1979

A Texas millionaire sponsors the comeback of a famous ballerina so he can declare his love for her. A well-intentioned but bumbling lady private eye gets the chance to crack her first big case. Guest Stars: Max Baer, Carol Lynley, Frank Aletter, Lilyan Chauvin, Robert Casper, Leslie Deutsch, Charlie Dell, Michael Callan, Dick Sargent, Toni Tennille, Stephanie Kramer, Ellen Geer, Howard Morton

The Pug/ Class of '69

Episode: 049 | Aired: November 24, 1979

A young boy wishes to see his father fight for the World Heavyweight Championship. An overweight young woman wishes to become thin in order to get revenge on a man who humiliated her. Guest Stars: Dane Clarke, Gary Collins, Sugar Ray Robinson, Fred Williamson, Mitch Lee, K.C. Martel, Bill Baldwin, Jimmy Lennon, Lou Filipo, Adrienne Barbeau, Fred Grady, Tim Thomson, Ric Carrott, Grainger Hines, Matthew Faison

The Mermaid/ The Victim

Episode: 050 | Aired: December 01, 1979

A marine biologist must choose between his infatuation with a mermaid and the shaky love for his wife. A young woman fails to heed Mr. Roarke's warning and finds herself kidnapped by a man who forces women to be his prostitutes. Guest Stars: Mary Ann Mobley, Michelle Phillips, John Saxon, James Darren, Yvonne DeCarlo, Joan Prather, Robin Riker, Kim O'Brien, Cliff Carnell, Victor Rogers, Jane Balder, Dorothy Stratton, Randi Braugh, Candi Braugh, Cathryn O'Neil

Cheerleaders/ Marooned

Episode: 051 | Aired: December 08, 1979

Two young women wish to become glamorous cheerleaders for their favorite football team. A man infatuated with a movie star is in for a rude awakening when his wish to spend the weekend with her is fulfilled. Guest Stars: Norman Alden, Jeff Donnell, Georgia Engel, Patricia McCormack, Dan Pastorini, Mark Lonow, Jim Healy, Tim Rossovich, Jayne Meadows-Allen, Vic Tayback

The Inventor/ On the Other Side

Episode: 052 | Aired: December 15, 1979

An absent-minded professor finds himself in big trouble when his secret invention is revealed to the world. A widow wishes to travel through the doors of death to see what it is really like and contacts her deceased husband. Guest Stars: MacDonald Carey, Arte Johnson, Marcia Wallace, Barney Phillips, Harv Selsby, Deborah Tilton, Stone Bower, Ike Eisenman, Stefan Gierasch, Jeanette Nolan, Lurene Tuttle, Lewis Arquette, Alex Rodine, Brigid O'Brien, Chip Hayes, John Laroquette

Look-Alikes/ Winemaker

Episode: 053 | Aired: December 22, 1979

A man finds himself in the dangerous world of gambling when he changes places with his exact double. Tattoo promises a trusting nun that she'll win the prestigious wine-tasting contest before he discovers that her wine is absolutely undrinkable. Guest Stars: Ken Berry, Michael V. Gazzo, Johnny Timko, John Thompson, Fil Formicola, April Clough, A.J. Blake, Jonathan Harris, Celeste Holm, Ross Martin, Nita Talbot, Michael Altman, Bob Kaimi Cummings

Unholy Wedlock/ Elizabeth

Episode: 054 | Aired: January 12, 1980

A young man who wanted only to marry his fiance finds himself married to another woman. A young woman finds herself possessed by the spirit of her genetic double, who has been dead for three hundred years. Guest Stars: Michael Ansara, David Cassidy, Eddie Mekka, Misty Rowe, Don Carter, Jesse Doran, Tony Penya, Nancy De Carl, John Colton, Tina Louise, Lou Mulford, Karrie Emerson, Joy Chandler

Stark Terror/ Rogues & Riches

Episode: 055 | Aired: January 19, 1980

A traumatized girl wishes to relive the night of her mother's murder in order to see once and for all who was the murderer. A young attorney must travel to 18th century England to try and convince his client to go back to the present. Guest Stars: Melissa Sue Anderson, Michael Constantine, Elinor Donahue, Robert Clarke, David Drucker, Jim Mahady, Robert Goulet, Alan Hale, Gunilla Hutton, Dolly Martin, John Schick, Molly Roden, Dan Sturkie, Joe Baker, George Innes, Ronald F. Hoiseck, Sandy McCallum

Playgirl/ Smith's Valhalla

Episode: 056 | Aired: January 26, 1980

A beautiful former centerfold model wishes to treat men as sexual objects for a change. A man wishes to become a war hero and lead a team of soldiers on a daring commando raid. Guest Stars: Barbi Benton, Janet Blair, Fabian Forte, Heather McAdam, Denny Miller, Suzanne Charney, Charles Dierkop, Sean Garrison, Leslie Nielsen, Hugh O'Brian, Emily Banks, Carol Newell, Jeff Eagle, Roger Til, Ruby Handler

Aphrodite/ Dr. Jeckyll and Miss Hyde

Episode: 057 | Aired: February 02, 1980

A man risks his sanity and his life when he goes after the woman of perfect beauty. A drab and unfeminine lady psychiatrist makes a shocking discovery about her own nature and instincts. Guest Stars: Britt Ekland, George Maharis, Belinda J. Montgomery, Nehemiah Persoff, David Rini, Rosemary Forsyth, Maureen McCormick, Don Stroud

Swinger/ Terrors of the Mind

Episode: 058 | Aired: February 09, 1980

A middle-aged man wishes for the swinging youth he feels he never enjoyed. A young woman wishes to see what the future holds for her, unaware of the dangers such a vision can hold. Guest Stars: Jack Carter, Anne Francis, Judy Landers, Howard Morris, Lou Richards, Ed Ruffalo, Suzanne Copeland, Frankie Avalon, Lisa Hartman, Stephan McNally, Eric Mason, Tony Giorgio, Heather Hewitt, Dennis Doderen

Nona/ One Million B.C.

Episode: 059 | Aired: March 01, 1980

A blind man uses his gift of sight for forty-eight hours to search for the woman of his dreams. Two women who wish for the days when men were expected to be macho find themselves being fought over by two tribes of cavemen. Guest Stars: Edd Byrnes, Peter Graves, Joanne Pettet, Tony Ballen, Neville Brand, Phyllis Davis, Peter Lupus, Joanne Pflug, Morgan Woodward, Mark Thomas, Tara Flin Preston, Jim Burke, Walter Wyatt

Maryann & Miss Sophisticate/ Jungleman

Episode: 060 | Aired: March 08, 1980

A young ventriloquist wishes to rid herself of the tormenting split personality she shares with her puppet. An actor whose whole life has been centered on the television character he created wishes to have one last adventure in the role before it's taken from him. Guest Stars: Annette Funicello, Don Galloway, Maren Jensen, Dick Butkus, Dennis Cole, Barbara Luna, France Nuyen, Manu Tupou

My Fair Pharoah/ The Power

Episode: 061 | Aired: May 10, 1980

A young woman travels back in time to ancient Egypt and poses as Cleopatra, only to find her life in grave danger. A man who wishes to assert more control over his life is given the tricky power of telekinesis. Guest Stars: Michael Ansara, Joan Collins, Ron Ely, Ruth Roman, Chris Capen, Brioni Farrel, John Davey, Carmen Filipi, James Whitworth, Patti Davis, Larry Linville, Carol Lynley, Julie Sommars, Robert Hackman, Gerald York, Sonny LaRocca

The Eagleman/ The Children of Menta

Episode: 062 | Aired: May 17, 1980

A father attempts to win back his son's respect and admiration by becoming the comic book hero the boy worships. A young journalism student dreams of breaking the biggest news story of the decade by locating an infamous refugee from justice. Guest Stars: Jim Backus, Bob Denver, Keith Mitchell, Larry Storch, Mickey Morton, Mickey Cherney, Ralph Bellamy, Vernee Watson, Eddie Marquez, Ron Stein, Keith Atkinson, Yolanda Marquez, Elisa Carnahan