Everybody Loves Raymond

P. T.

Episode: 200 | Aired:

Following a PTA meeting, Debra comments on Ray's sloppy attire, and he tells her that he overheard one of the mothers say that she looked trampy. Amy doesn't help matters when she admires Debra for wearing clothes that aren't necessarily age-appropriate. The next day, Robert discusses the situation with Ray and learns that Ray's feelings were hurt and he made up the entire story. A week later, Debra purposely dresses "trampy" and confronts the PTA women face to face.

Not So Fast

Episode: 198 | Aired:

Robert's anxiety gets the best of him when Amy puts her personal touch on their newly acquired home. Amy starts by attacking Frank's "odor" with lilac air fresheners, throwing out Marie's salt and pepper shakers and replacing the old dial phone. Meanwhile, Ray and Debra visit Marie and Frank for the third time in two weeks. Ray is called to the condo office to sign an insurance form for Marie and, while there, the head of the facility tells him and Debra that Frank and Marie must move out.