Everybody Loves Raymond

Ray's Journal

Episode: 111 | Aired:

Ray is mortified when he realizes that Marie used to read the personal journal he kept as a teenager. When Marie blurts out an embarrassing incident from Ray's past, he can't figure out how she could have possibly known that information. That is, until he discovers that she must have broken the secret code he used when writing in his journal, and in the process has learned about his most personal and perverted thoughts.

The Canister

Episode: 116 | Aired:

Tempers flare when Marie accuses Debra of not returning a borrowed canister that holds sentimental value; Debra insists that she has already given it back. Debra is then horrified when she discovers that she does indeed still have the canister in her possession. With Ray and Robert's reluctant assistance, she concocts an elaborate scheme to get rid of the evidence, rather than confess to Marie that she was right all along.

Let's Fix Robert

Episode: 118 | Aired:

Marie gathers Robert's ex-girlfriends Amy and Stefania and his female police partner Judy together so they can dissect his character in an effort to help her better understand why her eldest son can't commit to a relationship. Unfortunately, Robert unexpectedly drops in and is forced by his mother to listen to his character being assassinated by the women as they discuss his relationship hang-ups in detail and compare notes on his quirky dating behavior, inability to commit and flawed personality.

Say Uncle

Episode: 119 | Aired:

When Ray realizes that his kids would rather spend time with their Uncle Robert than with him, he decides to do something about the situation. When Robert makes the observation that as a parent, Ray finds it boring to be around his kids, Debra couldn't agree more. She then suggests that Ray follow Robert's example and to try to have more fun with his children. But, when her own parenting skills are called into question by Marie, Debra quickly changes her tune and rallies behind Ray, insisting that they're both very involved parents.


Episode: 120 | Aired:

Although Debra has been aware that her parents have been having problems, she is devastated to learn that they are planning to separate after 40 years of marriage. Debra, who had always looked to her parents as a perfect example of a solid marriage, now worries that if this can happen to them, how strong is her own marriage? Meanwhile, when Marie hears the news, she's sympathetic, but also envious of Lois new freedom.

Ally's Birth

Episode: 122 | Aired:

As Ray escorts Ally to a father-daughter dance, he realizes how grown up and independent his daughter has become. As a result, he begins to recall the day nine years ago when the Barone clan welcomed her into the family -- but not without incident. In the flashback, expectant parents Ray and Debra are caught by surprise when Debra goes into labor in the back seat of Roberts patrol car, forcing him to be called into action. Meanwhile, Ray and Debra plot to keep pushy Marie away from the delivery room until after the baby is born, not an easy feat.

Frank Paints the House

Episode: 121 | Aired:

Frank offers to paint Ray and Debra's house, but refuses to paint it the color they have chosen. Frank's need to be the boss of every situation becomes too much for Ray to bear. So, he takes matters into his own hands and relieves Frank of his duties as house painter. Marie then reveals some information about Frank's past that convinces Ray to reconcile with his dad and to allow him to finish the project.


Episode: 100 | Aired:

Ray finally reaches the breaking point with his parents and kicks them out of his house. Ray and Debra lose their cool when Frank and Marie pull the ultimate unannounced visit to their home. Their untimely appearance sets off a series of events that becomes the "straw that broke the camel's back" with respect to Ray's relationship with his parents. Meanwhile, Debra tries her best to play peacemaker among the family members and to get Ray to reveal the true reason for his hostility towards his folks. But will his parents ever forgive him?

Young Girl

Episode: 105 | Aired:

All hell breaks loose when Robert starts dating a girl half his age. While Frank and Ray are fawning over Erica, Robert's latest conquest, Marie and Debra are fuming over how ridiculous the whole situation makes Robert look. Marie can't stand how silly Frank is being with his non-stop flirting and Debra is taking her frustrations out on Ray because, as much as she doesn't want to admit it, she isn't a youngster anymore.

Meant to Be

Episode: 101 | Aired:

Robert finds himself in the most unlikely position of having to choose one of three women girlfriend Amy, ex-wife Joanne or Italian bombshell Stefania to share the future with him. Robert decides that "honesty is the best policy" when it comes to his relationship with Amy, so he foolishly tells her about his recent reunion with ex-wife Joanne. To make matters worse, when Amy runs to Debra for consolation, Debra mistakenly spills the beans about Robert's recent tryst with Stefania. Suddenly, Robert is not in a position to decide which woman he wants. Its a matter of which one, if any, is going to want him.

Pet Cemetery

Episode: 102 | Aired:

Ray inadvertently commits "petslaughter" on Ally's hamster while Debra and the kids are away for the weekend. When Ray breaks the difficult news to Ally about Pumpernickel's untimely demise, Debra insists that they give the beloved pet a proper burial complete with eulogies -- to help the youngster get through the grieving process. What Ray at first thought was an utterly ridiculous way to mourn the passing of a family pet, ends up being one of the most emotional experiences of his life.

The Author

Episode: 103 | Aired:

The competition for attention between Ray and Robert reaches an all-time high with the brothers ending up in a fight. Ray's dreams of authoring a sports book get squashed when the publishing company takes a pass on it, just as Robert receives the good news that he is being promoted to lieutenant. The Barone family doesn't quite know how to react to this most bizarre of situations in which Ray has failed at something while Robert has succeeded. But worst of all, Ray doesn't know how -- or if -- he's ever going to get past this.

The Walk to the Door

Episode: 104 | Aired:

Ray is mortified when he meets a girl he dated 25 years earlier and one he believes he treated with disrespect. Ray, wracked with guilt because he feels he didn't behave properly on their high school date, is determined to apologize. However, when he finds out the real reason Elizabeth went out with him that night long ago, he regrets ever bringing up the past. Meanwhile, Debra demands that Ray give her an example of something he regrets, but incredibly, he can't come up with anything.

The Sneeze

Episode: 107 | Aired:

Ray fears that he is going to come down with something dreadful after someone sneezes on him. When Marie hears that Ray is under the weather, she doesn't waste any time in coddling her younger son with homemade chicken soup, special treats and intense TLC. He laps up every second of it, much to Debra's disgust. Sometimes when you're sick, all you want is your mommy.

Christmas Present

Episode: 108 | Aired:

Ray buys Debra an elaborate Christmas gift in the hopes that she'll be so impressed, she'll let him go on a weekend golf trip with his buddies. Ray believes he has the whole scenario worked out -- give Debra a better gift than she is getting him -- and soon he'll be teeing off on a new course that he's been dying to play. However, he doesn't figure on the even more extravagant gift that Debra has purchased for him.

What Good Are You?

Episode: 109 | Aired:

Ray questions his manliness when everyone agrees that he's useless in an emergency situation. When Debra starts choking on a piece of food, she turns to Ray for help only to discover that he can't be counted on when it really matters. Debra's not the only one who feels that way, much to Ray's dismay. Not wanting to be considered a "softie," Ray attempts to turn Debra's opinion of him around by proving to her that he's the best man for the job when the "chips are down."

Super Bowl

Episode: 110 | Aired:

Rays exhilaration over being sent to cover the Super Bowl for his newspaper is overshadowed by the fact that he must choose who will accompany him to the game. When Ray arrives at the hotel and realizes that all of the other reporters have brought their wives along, he knows he has made a huge mistake in not bringing Debra with him. He attempts to rectify the situation by flying her in, but then realizes that in his desire to make things right, he is only succeeding in ruining what could have been the single greatest day in his life as a sports fan.

Silent Partner

Episode: 112 | Aired:

Debra is upset when she realizes during a Valentines Day dinner with Ray that they no longer have anything to say to one another. Not willing to accept the fact that they have run out of topics of conversation, Debra suggests that they get involved in one anothers hobbies so theyll have something in common. Debra agrees to watch a basketball game with Ray, while he promises to read a book she just finished -all in the name of love. However, Ray soon realizes that too much togetherness may not be the answer to their problem.


Episode: 113 | Aired:

Ray is upset when he discovers that his twins, Michael and Geoffrey, are playing fairies in the school play. At first he defends the boys against Franks sarcastic comments about the situation. But when Ray later learns that the boys actually chose to play fairies, despite the fact they were offered other parts, his reaction reveals that hes not all that different from his own father when it comes to being open-minded.

Stefania Arrives

Episode: 114 | Aired:

Robert gets a surprise visit from Stefania, the woman with whom he fell head over heels in love when the Barones vacationed in Italy. Roberts excitement over having his beloved and stunningly gorgeous Stefania so close quickly gives way to annoyance when he is witness to a few of her idiosyncrasies. After spending some quality time with the Italian beauty sans gelato and gondolas, Robert has to rethink his feelings for her. Meanwhile, Stefanias father, who has accompanied her to America, has his own change of heart in respect to his feelings for Robert.

Humm Vac

Episode: 115 | Aired:

Ray purchases a new state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner from an attractive door-to-door saleswoman, and it ignites a housekeeping war between Marie and Debra. Debra is as taken with the new vacuum as she is with Ray once she witnesses all of the wonderful things it can do. That is, until she learns why the saleswoman showed up at their door in the first place. Determined to prove to Marie that shes is just as good at keeping house, Debra attempts to use the new vacuum to find some dirt, any dirt, in Maries home. Of course, the results are disastrous.

Italy Part 1

Episode: 098 | Aired:

When Marie surprises the family with the news that she's treating them all to a two-week vacation in Rome, everybody loves the idea -- except Raymond. It's virtually impossible not to enjoy oneself in a country as beautiful as Italy; but, if anyone can manage it, Raymond can. Not willing to let his sour mood spoil it for the rest of the family, Debra, Frank, Marie, Robert and the kids go on their merry way and soak up the atmosphere, sights, smells and tastes of the city of love and try their best to ignore Ray. Meanwhile, Robert meets the girl of his dreams -- she's stunningly beautiful, unbelievably sexy and works in a gelato shop.

Italy Part 2

Episode: 099 | Aired:

When Marie surprises the family with the news that she's treating them all to a two-week vacation in Rome, everybody loves the idea -- except Raymond. It's virtually impossible not to enjoy oneself in a country as beautiful as Italy; but, if anyone can manage it, Raymond can. Not willing to let his sour mood spoil it for the rest of the family, Debra, Frank, Marie, Robert and the kids go on their merry way and soak up the atmosphere, sights, smells and tastes of the city of love and try their best to ignore Ray. Meanwhile, Robert meets the girl of his dreams -- she's stunningly beautiful, unbelievably sexy and works in a gelato shop.

Net Worth

Episode: 117 | Aired:

Debra becomes angry when Ray contributes $1,000 to his friends hair-brained scheme to open a go-cart business without first consulting her. When Ray later retaliates by saying that the money is his to do with as he pleases, since he earns the paycheck, Debra is further infuriated. Later Ray discovers that Debra kept him in the dark regarding an old money transaction that she had with Marie. It seems that when it comes to consulting each other about financial matters, Ray and Debra are guilty of the same crime.

Fighting In-Laws

Episode: 106 | Aired:

While celebrating Thanksgiving, Debra discovers that her seemingly contented parents are really not very happy with each other. When Ray accidentally overhears his in-laws going at it with each other, he relays the news to Debra, who has always believed her parents' relationship to be a lot healthier than Frank and Marie's. But, when things come to a head at the Thanksgiving table, it's apparent that there really isn't that much of a difference between the two older couples -- much to Debra's dismay.