Everybody Loves Raymond

You Bet

Episode: 076 | Aired:

When Frank starts showing a keen interest in Rays work, walking around in a jovial mood and not being his usual cheap self, everyone questions the radical change in behavior. Debra suggests that it may be because hes getting older, and Marie is convinced he has a chippy on the side -- that is, until Ray uncovers the real reason behind Franks transformation.

Sex Talk

Episode: 077 | Aired:

Ray and Debra are discouraged when they realize that their sex life isn't what it used to be. They shrug it off by assuring each other that its not an unusual occurrence for older couples to experience since the kids are always underfoot, they're sleep deprived, etc. Trying to make themselves feel better, they approach Frank and Marie about what constitutes a normal sex life for an older couple, but are left feeling more inadequate when they discover the bedroom secrets of the elder Barones.

The Will

Episode: 078 | Aired:

Upon drafting their wills, Ray and Debra must decide who would make the best guardians for their children. After pondering long and hard over their decision, Ray and Debra choose the two people who they feel would be the best candidates to raise their children should anything happen to them. But their choice doesnt meet with everyones approval.

The Sister

Episode: 079 | Aired:

Debra is upset when her hippie, free-spirited sister decides to become... a Sister. Its a good indication that something is up when Debras sister Jennifer shows up for a visit with rosary beads and prayer cards as gifts for the kids. Unable to share the real reason why she is so upset with Jennifers decision to become a nun, Debra reacts by accusing her sister of going through yet another phase and not being truly worthy of the calling to the religious life.

What's With Robert?

Episode: 085 | Aired:

When Debra raises the notion that Robert's reluctance to commit to Amy may be a result of his being gay, Ray thinks she is beyond crazy. But, after further thought --and closer observation of Robert's keen sense of style and panache for interior design -- Ray isn't so sure anymore.

Bully on the Bus

Episode: 086 | Aired:

Ray and Debra have differing points of view when they learn that Ally has been bullying another child. But when they confront her, they find themselves questioning their own parenting abilities.

Prodigal Son

Episode: 087 | Aired:

Everyone gets on Ray's case because he doesn't go to Sunday mass. When Ray starts feeling guilty about the good example Frank is setting by attending church, he commits to becoming a regular parishioner. After all, if Frank can do it, so can he. But when Ray shows up at the church, he quickly realizes what it is that draws Frank to this house of worship week after week -- and it isnt the sermon.

Robert's Rodeo

Episode: 088 | Aired:

Ray feels tremendous guilt when he cancels plans with Robert, who then gets hurt in the line of duty. At first, its all laughs and snide remarks from Ray when he finds out the cause of Roberts job-related injury. Rays bedside manner definitely leaves a lot to be desired. But after some prodding from Debra, Ray decides to show Robert just how much he really cares for him -- not an easy task for a Barone.

The Tenth Anniversary

Episode: 089 | Aired:

As Debra and Ray celebrate their 10th anniversary, she discovers that he taped over their wedding video years before with the '91 Super Bowl. Realizing how much he has upset Debra with his careless actions, Ray is willing to go to any lengths to atone -- little realizing that it will mean renewing wedding vows in front of family and friends with all the trimmings.

Debra Makes Something Good

Episode: 091 | Aired:

Debra throws the Barone family into turmoil when she finally creates a dish that everyone likes. Ray can't believe it when he samples Debra's braciole. Even though her past attempts at cooking seemed to have ruined his taste buds, it's simply delicious. But when Marie gets wind of Debra's cooking prowess and sees the effect that the braciole has on Ray, Robert, and Frank, its war!

Marie and Frank's New Friends

Episode: 092 | Aired:

Ray and Debra devise a plan to push Frank and Marie into making some new friends, thus leaving the older couple with less time to bother them. It seems like the perfect plan, but the situation is complicated by the reaction Frank and Maries new friends have toward Ray.

Alone Time

Episode: 093 | Aired:

Ray finds it hard to understand why Debra needs her alone time. When Debra realizes that all her time is spent with the kids, Ray and his family, she implores Ray to take the kids out more often so that she can have more time to herself. Of course, this makes Marie think that something must be wrong in their marriage, despite Rays assurances. However, when Ray spies on Debra to see what she actually does with her alone time, he is not so sure all is well.

Someone's Cranky

Episode: 094 | Aired:

Still recuperating from his recent run-in with a bull, a cantankerous Robert is driving everyone crazy with his mean-spirited and nasty behavior. They think the reason for his attitude may be his having to stay at his parents'.

Bad Moon Rising

Episode: 095 | Aired:

Ray's attempts to alleviate Debra's PMS moodiness only make her more irritable. When Ray witnesses Debra's hypersensitive mood and generally annoyed reaction to everything he says and does, he checks the calendar and realizes it's going to be a long couple of days ahead. In his desire to get a quick fix for Debra's womanly problems -- thus making his life a heck of a lot easier -- he turns a bad situation worse by suggesting that a simple pill will help with his wife's insufferable mood swings.

The Christmas Picture

Episode: 084 | Aired:

Ray believes he has finally found the ultimate Christmas gift for his parents -- if nothing else, it will certainly be something they will remember forever. Ray is thrilled when he hits upon the perfect gift: a family photo that his mom and dad can treasure forever. But, when the day arrives to take the picture, Ray tries in vain to keep the peace when Debra and Marie have very conflicting opinions about the meaning of family in family photo.

Boob Job

Episode: 074 | Aired:

Debra is upset when she sees Rays giddy reaction to her friends recently acquired new and improved breasts. Anxious to find out whether or not Ray is content with her body as is -- or if he would prefer it if she too made some minor enhancements -- Debra decides to conduct a little experiment to determine just how truly satisfied Ray is with her current physique.

The Can Opener

Episode: 075 | Aired:

Everyone in the family takes sides when Ray and Debra have a senseless argument over a newly purchased can opener that seems to have opened a can of worms. In a series of flashbacks in which Ray and Debra separately (and quite differently) relate to different family members what they claim truly transpired over the can-opener fiasco, Marie, Frank and Robert stick their two cents in as to who they believe was right and who was wrong. (You can guess whose side Marie is on!)

Cousin Gerard

Episode: 080 | Aired:

When Ray hires his overwhelmingly annoying cousin Gerard to assist him, and Debra points out how alike the two men are, Ray is mortified. The whiny, nasal voice, the need to find something negative to say about everything, the stupid questions... its a toss up. You could be speaking about either Ray or Gerard. When Ray confronts his family to refute Debras findings, he realizes that hes just made a bad situation worse.

Debra's Workouts

Episode: 081 | Aired:

Ray is bewildered, but not altogether displeased when Debra starts initiating sex on a more than regular basis. He cant believe his luck -- and good fortune when as a result of Debras new behavior its as if he and she were newlyweds again. Ray is even willing to give up his golf game to satiate Debras desires. But, never able to leave well enough alone, Ray looks for a reason behind her sudden burst of energy and gets a crushing blow to his ego.

No Thanks

Episode: 082 | Aired:

Inspired by how well the Barones got along at Thanksgiving dinner, Debra is intent on finding a way to improve her relationship with Marie. When Debra spends the whole day cooking with Marie, its the perfect opportunity to test out her new shrug it off and let the criticisms roll off your back attitude that she feels will win Marie over -- or will it? Meanwhile, Ray gets roped into having Frank and Robert accompany him to a car show, where he has his own method of getting along with his family.

Left Back

Episode: 083 | Aired:

While discussing the possibility of having to hold Michael back for another year of preschool, Ray is shocked to discover that he too was left back when he was that age. Once Ray learns of his scholastic past, he is convinced that of all the traits a parent could pass on to a child, his legacy is to pass his stupidity on to Michael. Meanwhile, Frank heads over to the school to sweet talk the kindergarten teacher into letting Michael advance with the other kids.


Episode: 090 | Aired:

Ray screws up a Hackidu (Pokemon) trade for his daughter Ally by giving away a Scramisaur card that ends up being worth a lot of money. Ray thinks hes being the perfect father by taking an interest in Allys Hackidu hobby and advising her on a card swap. But when he inadvertently gives away her favorite card, he has to pay for his mistake -- he just didnt realize how much.

Confronting the Attacker

Episode: 096 | Aired:

After losing his nerve on the job during his first day back from medical leave, Robert quits the police force. No one realized how much of an effect the bull incident had on Roberts mental state -- and his ability to confront fear and the unexpected. Now, back on the job only one day, he finds himself too scared to handle a minor altercation so rather than face his fears, he decides to change his career to something safer and more solitary -- telemarketing.

Robert's Divorce

Episode: 097 | Aired:

While out for a family dinner, the Barones spot Roberts ex-wife, which prompts them to reminisce about the demise of his marriage. The family tells Amy the truth about Roberts failed marriage to Joanne, whom Frank not-so-affectionately refers to as a nutcracker. The surprise sighting also brings back some personally harrowing memories for Robert -- although when Joanne suggests the ex-spouses get together, Robert seems intrigued.