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Curb Your Enthusiasm

Jeff Garlin

Jeff Greene

Jeff Garlin was born June 5, 1962 in Chicago, Illinois. He grew up both in Chicago and later South Florida where he graduated from high school. While at the University of Miami, he began performing standup. He moved back to Chicago to pursue a standup comedy career and, for a while, called Conan O'Brien his roommate. During his years in Chicago, he performed with The Second City before transitioning to film and television.

He has enjoyed a diverse career in the entertainment industry and has acting, producing and directing credits to his name. He has appeared on many television shows, including Roseanne, Mad About You, Everybody Loves Raymond, Arrested Development, Community and King of the Hill. His work on Curb Your Enthusiasm earned him several accolades, including two PGA awards and multiple Emmy and SAG nominations.

Garlin has also appeared in numerous films. His credits include Straight Talk, RoboCop 3, Daddy Day Care, Sleepover, The Rocker, WALL-E, The Bounty Hunter, Toy Story 3 and ParaNorman. In addition, he adapted his hit solo show I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With into an independent film, in which he wrote, directed and starred.

He created three one-man comedy shows, Uncomplicated, Concentrated and I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With, all of which were well received by audiences and critics. He is also an author and released his memoir, My Footprint: Carrying the Weight of the World, in 2010.

Garlin currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Marla, and their two children.

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Character Bio

Jeff Greene is one of Larry's closest friends. He is frequently on hand to help solve Larry's problems, but he often finds himself entangled in the mess. He and his critical wife Susie have a daughter named Sammi.

Curb Your Enthusiasm TV Schedule

March 9
The Rat Dog
Larry tests the limits of sick sex; Loretta and Leon's job prospects are burned by a slow toaster; Larry befriends an exterminator, to a deaf woman's regret.
The TiVo Guy
When Larry is too busy fixing a malfunctioning TiVo to help Cheryl in her time of need, their marriage is put into crisis mode. Larry then finds himself ostracized from just about everyone he knows.
March 16
The N Word
Larry tries to do Auntie Rae a favor, but ends up offending her instead. Jeff's stay at the hospital to get a "snore job" opens up a new opportunity for Larry, who takes full disadvantage of it.
The Therapist
Larry gives Cheryl an ultimatum to move back in with him. After his plan fails, he tries to win her favor by influencing her therapist, which backfires terribly.