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Charlie's Angels

Tanya Roberts

Julie Rogers

Bronx-born actor Tanya Roberts dropped out of high school and supported herself as a dance instructor and model while studying with famous New York drama instructors Lee Strasberg and Uta Hagen. She appeared in numerous off-Broadway productions and commercials before meeting her future husband, psychology student Barry Roberts, in line at the movies. She proposed to him in the subway and they moved to Hollywood, where he would go on to become a screenwriter. After several minor film and TV roles, she was signed as Julie Rogers in the final season of Charlie's Angels. The series ended in 1981, but she was able to parlay her short tenure as an Angel into an appearance on the cover of People, a starring role in the movie Beastmaster and a turn as a Bond girl in A View to a Kill.

Roberts has continued to act steadily in recent years, primarily in cable and direct-to-video releases. In 1998, she landed a regular role as Midge Pinciotti on popular sitcom That '70s Show until its run ended in 2006. She was also featured in the computer video game "The Pandora Directive."

Character Bio

The final addition to the Townsend Agency's stable, Julie Rogers is a bit of an enigma. She is a world traveler and once visited Istanbul, where she witnessed an execution. We also know that she has a friend named Bianca Blake, with whom she scuba dives, and another longtime friend, golfer Linda Frye. Unlike her fellow Angels, Julie is not a very good dancer and is afraid of stunt work, but still manages to maintain a reputation as a tough street fighter.