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Charlie's Angels

Shelley Hack

Tiffany Welles

An internationally recognized cover girl by her early teens, Shelley Hack earned a history degree from Smith College, despite the demands of her burgeoning career. She won her first big-screen role shortly after college, a bit part in Woody Allen's smash 1977 film Annie Hall.

Although Hack appeared in a couple of other movies, it was a 1975 Charlie perfume print ad campaign that got her noticed. Four years later, Aaron Spelling would cast the 'Charlie Girl' as a Charlie's Angel to replace departing star Kate Jackson. Both critics and fans resisted the newest Angel and her character, Tiffany Welles, only lasted a year on the series.

Hack's post-Angels career has been varied. She starred in the short-lived TV series Cutter to Houston and Jack and Mike, as well as several films and made-for-TV movies. Hack also found time to marry and have a daughter, run for public office (unsuccessfully), supervise a registration and polling station in the Bosnia-Herzegovina elections and star in an infomercial for a skin-care treatment. In 2008, she appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss her career and the impact all things "Charlie" had on the feminist movement in the 1970s.

Character Bio

Tiffany Welles graduated top of her class from the Boston Police Academy. She is the daughter of one of Charlie's best friends. Her interest in parapsychology comes in handy when she finds herself in the middle of a costume party of ghosts. Tiffany is well-rounded, playing both violin and volleyball. She leaves the Townsend Agency after one short year to relocate to the East Coast.