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Charlie's Angels

Kate Jackson

Sabrina Duncan

Kate Jackson moved to New York City from her hometown, Birmingham, Ala., and graduated from the esteemed American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 1971. Her first TV role was on the gothic soap Dark Shadows (coincidentally, the show co-starred Angel Jaclyn Smith's first husband, Roger Davis.) Though Kate didn't utter a line of dialogue for her first two months on the show - she played a ghost - her talents were apparent and she was encouraged to move to Hollywood.

Jackson's big break came when she was cast as nurse Jill Danko in the 1972 Spelling-Goldberg production The Rookies. During its four-season run, she appeared in a host of B-movies, including the 1973 kitsch classic Satan's School for Girls (she also appeared in the 2000 remake), Killer Bees and Death Cruise. Aaron Spelling had taken such a liking to Kate by this time that Charlie's Angels was actually created with her in mind.

Jackson's three-season stint on the series was a mixed blessing. Unable to get time off from production, she was forced to turn down the lead in Kramer vs. Kramer (a role that earned Meryl Streep an Oscar). Jackson also found the constant primping on Charlie's Angels somewhat distasteful. Despite it all, she garnered two Emmy nominations for her role as Sabrina Duncan. Post-Angels she earned a Golden Globe nomination for her role opposite Bruce Boxleitner in the successful series Scarecrow and Mrs. King. After several health issues and a decision to adopt a son in 1995, Jackson largely left the Hollywood career path. She lives in Los Angeles and remains close to her Charlie's Angels costar Jaclyn Smith – whose 2008 Bravo show Shear Genius Jackson visited during a Charlie's Angels hairstyle competition. She did not appear during a tribute to her late costar Farrah Fawcett at the 2010 TV Land Awards, stating that "Emotionally, it was simply too soon for me to join my co-stars."

Character Bio

Though always elegant in her own turtleneck-and-slacks way, there is no doubt that Sabrina Duncan is the smart one. Like Jill and Kelly, Sabrina is a former LAPD officer - who lasted quite a bit longer with Charlie than she did with the force. Sabrina stayed with the agency for three years before leaving to remarry and raise a family (she was previously married to Bill Duncan, an LAPD plainclothes detective, but the pressure of two police officers in one family took its toll and they separated amicably).

An Army brat educated in Europe, presumably where she learned Spanish, she is self-assured and the unofficial leader of the group. Sabrina lives in a high-rise security building, drives a Pinto and unlike her coworkers is never seen in a bathing suit at anytime.