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Cheryl Ladd

Kris Munroe

South Dakota native Cheryl Ladd has entertained us with her singing (as the voice of Melody onJosie and the Pussycats), her dramatic skills (in Satan's School for Girls) and her ability to have knives thrown at her with nary a twitch (in Charlie's Angels episode "Circus of Terror"). She appeared in classic campaigns for Max Factor cosmetics and easily made the transition from model to actress. But beyond her beauty and acting, Ladd is an accomplished singer and dancer with two albums under her belt and the highest-rated musical variety series of the 1978-79 season, aptly named Cheryl Ladd.

Cheryl, whose early work included guest appearances on many classic shows of the early '70s (Happy Days, The Partridge Family), was credited under several different names including Cherie Moore, Cheryl Jean Stoppelmoor and Jody Keller Stoppelmoor. Eventually she married and changed her name to the shorter moniker by which she is now known. Ladd played Grace Kelly in The Grace Kelly Story, Lynn Landon in Michael Landon, the Father I Knew and, of course, Kris Munroe in Charlie's Angels. She made her Broadway debut in 2000 as Annie Oakley in "Annie Get Your Gun." She is the mother of actress Jordan Ladd, who made a guest appearance on Charlie's Angels.

Ladd portrayed casino wife Jillian Deline in the hit series Las Vegas from 2003 to 2008, and appeared in an episode of CSI: Miami in 2009. She also released a 2005 autobiography, Token Chick: A Woman's Guide to Golfing with the Boys.Ladd attended the 2010 TV Land Awards with former Angel Jaclyn Smith, as the two paid homage to their late co-stars, Farrah Fawcett and John Forsythe.

Character Bio

Kris Munroe is Jill's little sister. Like Jill she was a policewoman before joining the Townsend Agency, though she joined San Francisco's Police Department instead of L.A.'s. Kris' education was paid for by big sister Jill, but she misled her into thinking she was studying to become a teacher. Jill thought police work was too dangerous for her little sis.

While she's in good shape, she isn't quite the sports enthusiast her sibling is. She's good with a song-and-dance routine (and dances a mean hula) and runs quickly, but she's tentative on skates and her surfing is less than spectacular. She has an Aunt Lydia and an Uncle Paul Danvers. Her CB handle is "Angel Eyes."