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Candid Camera: Delicious Free Samples

When free samples of chocolate Herring are set out at a candy store, customers can't help themselves. (41:25)

Candid Camera Highlight: Veggie Vending Machine

Customers are confused when a candy vending machine dispenses vegetables. (41:25)

Candid Camera Highlight: Shopping In Carts

Customers at a supermarket get upset when our actor takes items out of thier shopping carts. (41:25)

Candid Camera Highlight: Shrunken Money

When customers pick up their dry cleaning, they are pleasantly surprised to find out that there was money found in their clothes. There’s only one problem; the money shrunk. (41:25)

Candid Camera Highlight: Giant Backpack

An oblivious backpacker frustrates the citizens of Chicago. (41:25)

Candid Camera Highlight: World's Worst Tattoo

Carnie Wilson (Wilson Phillips) plays a hilariously nervous tattoo artist. (41:25)

Candid Camera Highlight: Drone Disaster

See what happens when drones deliver the mail. (41:25)

Candid Camera Highlight: Dunking Doughnuts

What would you do if a stranger dunked his doughnuts in your coffee? (41:25)

Candid Camera Highlight: Candid Freestyle

Local rappers think they're competing for a spot on Peter Rosenberg's show. (41:25)

Candid Camera Highlight: Oblivious Lovers

Things get awkward when a couple becomes overly amorous. (41:25)

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