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The Brady Bunch

Quarterback Sneak

Episode: 104 | Aired: November 09, 1973

Greg's football rival dates Marcia in order to steal Greg's play book. Everyone learns about morality when Greg and Marcia team up to retaliate against the dishonest suitor.

The Hair-Brained Scheme

Episode: 117 | Aired: March 08, 1974

Bobby is convinced he is going to strike it rich by selling hair tonic and goads Greg into buying a bottle. With Greg's high school graduation only days away, disaster strikes when the cheap goop turns his hair orange.

The Hustler

Episode: 116 | Aired: March 01, 1974

When Mike's boss rewards him with a pool table, Bobby discovers his talent for the game. He dreams of becoming a professional pool shark much to the dissatisfaction of his parents. Guest Star: Jim Backus.

The Snooper Star

Episode: 115 | Aired: February 22, 1974

Cindy gets the notion that everybody in the family is talking about her, and enlists the aid of Oliver to find out what everyone is saying. Aware of this, Marcia decides to bait her little sister with an entry in her diary about contacting a talent scout about the little snoop. Guest Star: Natalie Schafer

Top Secret

Episode: 114 | Aired: February 15, 1974

Over-imaginative Bobby and Oliver are convinced that Sam, in addition to being a butcher, is also a spy.

Two Petes in a Pod

Episode: 113 | Aired: February 08, 1974

Chris Knight takes a dual role as Arthur, a new student at Fillmore Jr. High who looks exactly like Peter. Pete is in double-trouble when he ends up with two dates on the same night because of his twin.

Welcome Aboard

Episode: 112 | Aired: January 25, 1974

Robbie Rist joins the cast as Carol's nephew Oliver. After a series of improbable accidents, the other kids decide he's a jinx.

Out Of This World

Episode: 110 | Aired: January 18, 1974

UFO fever overwhelms the Bradys as Peter and Bobby think they see an alien spacecraft hovering over their house. Guest Star: Former astronaut James McDivitt

The Driver's Seat

Episode: 111 | Aired: January 11, 1974

Marcia bets Greg she can outscore him on her driving test.

Kelly's Kids

Episode: 109 | Aired: January 04, 1974

Jim and Kathy Kelly, the Bradys' new neighbors, adopt eight year-old Matt from an orphanage. Matt likes his new home, but misses his two friends, Dwayne and Steve, so the Kelly's decide to adopt them too. Guest Stars: Ken Berry and Brooke Bundy

Miss Popularity

Episode: 107 | Aired: December 21, 1973

Jan will stop at nothing to be voted "most popular girl" at school, but really blows it when she reneges on her campaign promises.

The Elopement

Episode: 108 | Aired: December 07, 1973

When Marcia and Jan overhear Alice arranging a secret date for Saturday night they are convinced that Alice is eloping with Sam the butcher.

The Cincinnati Kids (AKA The King's Island Show)

Episode: 106 | Aired: November 23, 1973

The Bunch visits a new amusement park in Ohio, where Jan accidentally loses Dad's important blueprints.

Try, Try Again

Episode: 105 | Aired: November 16, 1973

After bombing out in ballet class, Jan realizes she is a klutz and is not really good at anything. Her self-esteem hits new lows as she attempts tap dancing, baton twirling and acting to miserable results. Once again, Jan is rescued by her own hidden inner talent.

My Brother's Keeper

Episode: 103 | Aired: November 02, 1973

Peter offers to be Bobby's slave after being saved from a falling ladder. The fur starts to fly when Bobby takes advantage of his older brother's generosity.

Marcia Gets Creamed

Episode: 102 | Aired: October 26, 1973

Marcia, Jan, and Peter all get jobs in an ice cream parlor, which scoops up some major sibling rivalry.

Getting Greg's Goat

Episode: 101 | Aired: October 19, 1973

Greg secretly hides the rival school mascot (a goat named Raquel) in his bedroom.

Peter And The Wolf

Episode: 100 | Aired: October 12, 1973

Peter poses as Greg's older friend when Greg can't get a date for his girlfriend's cousin. The whole wacky plot backfires when their charade is uncovered in front of their parents who are entertaining a visiting client.

Never Too Young

Episode: 099 | Aired: October 05, 1973

Millicent gives her hero Bobby a kiss for defending her at school, but later reports that she has the mumps. Bobby fears he may have to admit to the family he's been kissing more than basketballs. Guest Star: Millicent is played by Melissa Sue Anderson.

Snow White And The Seven Bradys

Episode: 098 | Aired: September 28, 1973

The Bradys stage a benefit performance in their backyard for Cindy's teacher. Factoid: The teacher is played by Frances Whitfield, the cast members' real-life on-set teacher.

Mail Order Hero

Episode: 097 | Aired: September 21, 1973

Bobby tells his friends he and legendary football hero Joe Namath are friends and then is called to deliver. Joe Namath appears as himself

Adios, Johnny Bravo

Episode: 096 | Aired: September 14, 1973

The Brady kids audition their act for a television amateur show and Greg is spotted by a musical agent who wants to sign him. Everyone is bent out of shape when the agent doesn't want all of the Bradys, just Greg, who has a lot of decisions to make about his future.