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The Brady Bunch

Lost Locket, Found Locket

Episode: 025 | Aired: March 20, 1970

Jan receives a mystery locket in the mail from an unknown admirer. In the midst of the mystery of who sent the locket, a bigger mystery emerges as the locket vanishes.

The Grass Is Always Greener

Episode: 024 | Aired: March 13, 1970

Mike and Carol switch roles for a day to settle whose jobs are hardest. Mike helps the girls with their cooking project and Carol bones up on baseball with the boys. Everyone ends up a little wiser as well as exhausted.

To Move Or Not To Move

Episode: 023 | Aired: March 06, 1970

Six kids and one bathroom prompt the Brady's to consider moving to a bigger house. Being a sentimental lot, the kids conspire to prevent their house from being sold.

The Possible Dream

Episode: 022 | Aired: February 27, 1970

Marcia is mortified when Cindy accidentally gives her diary to a used book drive. Marcia may never speak to her youngest sibling again, until Alice comes up with a way to cheer her up. Guest Star: Desi Arnaz Jr. as himself.

The Hero

Episode: 021 | Aired: February 20, 1970

Peter has his first bout with personality defects when he goes egomaniacal after saving a girl from being crushed by a falling shelf in a toy store.

Brace Yourself

Episode: 020 | Aired: February 13, 1970

Marcia's world is destroyed when she gets braces. Her self-esteem is crushed and she now feels "ugly, ugly, ugly!" in spite of her family's assurances. Marcia sinks to the lowest depths of pre-teen angst when her date to the school dance cancels on her, inspiring the family to rush to her aide with such ego-boosters as compliments and arranged dates.

The Big Sprain

Episode: 019 | Aired: February 06, 1970

While Carol is out of town, Alice trips on a set of Chinese checkers and sprains her ankle, leaving Mike to manage the household. Feeling guilty about causing her to miss the Meatcutters Ball provides the impetus for the kids to snap into action, taking over the gargantuan task of home maintenance the Brady way.

Tiger! Tiger!

Episode: 018 | Aired: January 30, 1970

A group depression sets in as Bobby discovers Tiger, the family dog, has run away. A tragedy always brings out the best in the Bradys, as they join forces to find their lost pet.

The Undergraduate

Episode: 017 | Aired: January 23, 1970

Greg is failing math and appears to be out of his teenage mind until Alice discovers a love note he wrote to a mysterious "Linda." Mike and Carol attempt to resolve the teen trauma by trying to find out who Linda is. Guest Stars: Gigi Perreau and famed L.A. Dodger, Wes Parker.

Mike's Horror-Scope

Episode: 016 | Aired: January 16, 1970

Carol reads Mike's horoscope about a strange woman who will come into his life. Enter Beebe Gallini, the glamorous head of a cosmetics firm, who hires Mike to design a new factory in the shape of a powder puff. Guest Star: Abbe Lane as Beebe Gallini.

54-40 And Fight

Episode: 015 | Aired: January 09, 1970

Another boys vs. girls crisis erupts as the Checker Trading Stamp Company announces it is going out of business. The boys have 40 books of stamps and the girls have 54, and with only one week to cash them in (along with Alice's secret stamp stash); they realize only by combining books will they have enough to get their coveted fishing boat or sewing machine. Since they can't decide on an item that all will enjoy, they enter into a brutal, winner-takes-all competition.

Father Of The Year

Episode: 014 | Aired: January 02, 1970

Marcia enters her new dad in a newspaper contest for "father of the year," but gets herself grounded for breaking house rules to make the late-night deadline. Marcia nearly explodes keeping her little secret, even after being told she can't join the family on a weekend ski trip.

Is There A Doctor In The House?

Episode: 013 | Aired: December 25, 1969

The Bradys face a medical crisis when the kids come down with the measles. A house full of cranky kids is bad enough, but tensions mount when Carol calls Dr. Porter (a woman!) and Mike employs Dr. Cameron (a man!) to care for the bespotted bunch. Guest Stars: Marion Ross (Mrs. C from Happy Days) and Herbert Anderson (Dennis the Menace's father) appear as the last two doctors on the planet to make house calls.

The Voice Of Christmas

Episode: 012 | Aired: December 18, 1969

It looks like a gloomy first Christmas for the Brady family as Carol loses her voice to laryngopharynxitis and may not be able to sing at Christmas services. Cindy begs a department store Santa to make her mom well, causing Mr. and Mrs. Brady to worry about Cindy's psyche in addition to Carol's voice. Guest Star: Hal Smith (a.k.a. Otis the Drunk from The Andy Griffith Show) appears as Santa.

Vote For Brady

Episode: 011 | Aired: December 11, 1969

It's the boys vs. the girls again when Greg and Marcia both decide to run for student body president. Family unity is sacrificed as the kids choose sides based on gender.

Every Boy Does It Once

Episode: 010 | Aired: December 04, 1969

After watching Cinderella on TV and being asked to sweep out the fireplace by his new stepmom, Bobby gets the idea that he is unloved and unwanted. He starts packing when his brothers and stepsisters don't include him in their plans and leave him at home alone.

Sorry, Right Number

Episode: 009 | Aired: November 20, 1969

Six kids and one telephone add up to high bills and short tempers until Mike has a pay phone installed in the family room. Factoid: Allan Melvin makes his first appearance as Sam "The Butcher" Franklin.

A-Camping We Will Go

Episode: 008 | Aired: November 13, 1969

"Togetherness" is Dad's reasoning for inviting Carol and her girls along on their annual camping trip, even though the boys object.

Kitty Karry-All Is Missing

Episode: 007 | Aired: November 06, 1969

When Cindy's favorite doll disappears, she fingers Bobby as the culprit. Things only get worse when Bobby looses his kazoo and blames Cindy.

A Clubhouse Is Not a Home

Episode: 006 | Aired: October 30, 1969

The age-old boys vs. girls rivalry erupts when the boys are reluctant to share their clubhouse with their new sisters.


Episode: 005 | Aired: October 23, 1969

Sadness befalls the Bradys when it appears Jan is allergic to Dad! Signs soon point to Tiger as being the cause of Jan's ailment which isn't much of a consolation to the Brady boys, who have had Tiger longer than they've had sisters.

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Episode: 004 | Aired: October 16, 1969

Long-time Brady housekeeper Alice begins to feel like a third wheel in the Brady household now that there's a new Mrs. Brady to take care of family matters. The family cooks up a plot to let Alice know just how important she is.

Eenie, Meenie, Mommy, Daddy

Episode: 003 | Aired: October 09, 1969

An ecstatic Cindy gets the lead role in the school play, but is torn when she is allowed to only invite one parent to see her play the Fairy Princess. Look For: Brian Forster, future Partridge Family star Chris, appears as an elf in the play.

Dear Libby

Episode: 002 | Aired: October 02, 1969

Things get really frantic at the Brady homestead when Marcia reads an item in an advice column about a family exactly like theirs, in which one of the parents is extremely unhappy. Convinced the letter is written by one of their folks, the Brady kids unite to help save their clan.

The Honeymoon

Episode: 001 | Aired: September 25, 1969

It's the way they became the Brady Bunch! Wedding day festivities progress smoothly until the girl's pet cat Fluffy and the boy's dog Tiger wreak havoc on the family-blending ceremony. Mike and Carol commence their honeymoon by scolding their children, leaving everyone feeling uneasy about the day's events until Mom and Dad come up with a way to patch things up.