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The Brady Bunch

Susan Olsen

Cindy Brady

Susan Olsen was born to act: She was the third child born to the Olsen family, and the third to go into showbiz. Her older brother Larry was best known as the kidnapped son of Doris Day and James Stewart in The Man Who Knew Too Much. At the tender age of 14 months, Olsen followed in the footsteps of her older brother and sisters, taking her first role in a fabric softener commercial.

At age 5, Olsen was chosen to sing The Monkees tune "I'm A Believer" on The Pat Boone Show and soon after made her dramatic debut on a 1968 episode of Ironside. She did a couple of episodic television shows like Gunsmoke and Julia. In 1969, she appeared in the Elvis Presley film The Trouble with Girls.

Olsen continued to embrace the role of Cindy Brady well after the show ended. In the late 1970s, she did a commercial for England's answer to the Barbie doll, Sindy. She has returned for most of the Brady reunions (with the exception of A Very Brady Christmas) and did a scene for The Brady Bunch Movie -- but her part ended up on the cutting-room floor. Olsen has kept herself busy over the years, primarily as a graphic designer. She was responsible for a line of glow-in-the-dark Converse shoes in the mid-'80s. She was also in a rock 'n' roll band and a radio DJ in Los Angeles. In 2008, Olsen appeared on FOX Reality's Gimme My Reality Show, in which celebrities competed to win their own reality show.

Character Bio

Cindy Brady will always be the baby of The Brady Bunch. Her inquisitive nature gets her into a lot of trouble, whether it's playing with Mom's favorite earrings or snooping on her siblings. She is, however, well-meaning in her actions. For example, Cindy would rather see her Mommy get her voice back for Christmas than get any toy in Santa's sack. She also would rather give up in the lead part in the school play rather than having to choose between her Mommy or Daddy for her sole ticket to the show.

She's a champion jacks player, a record-breaking teeter-totterer and, after a good deal of practice, can say "Seven silver swans swam silently seaward" faster than any other kid in the Brady household.

The Brady Bunch TV Schedule

December 21
The Voice Of Christmas
Carol loses her voice and may not be able to sing at Christmas services.
A-Camping We Will Go
Mike invites Carol and her girls along on the boys' annual camping trip.
Sorry, Right Number
Six kids and one telephone add up to high bills and short tempers.
Every Boy Does It Once
Bobby gets the idea that he is unloved and unwanted.
Vote For Brady
Greg and Marcia both decide to run for student body president.
December 28
Father Of The Year
Marcia enters her new dad in a newspaper contest for "father of the year."
54-40 And Fight
Another boys vs. girls crisis erupts as the Checker Trading Stamp Company announces it is going out of business.
Mike's Horror-Scope
Beebe Gallini hires Mike to design a new factory in the shape of a powder puff.
The Undergraduate
Greg is failing math and appears to be out of his teenage mind.
Tiger! Tiger!
A group depression sets in as Bobby discovers Tiger, the family dog, has run away.