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The Brady Bunch

Mike Lookinland

Bobby Brady

By the time Mike Lookinland scored the role of Bobby Brady in 1969, he had already appeared in more than 30 TV commercials. Born in Utah, his family relocated to Southern California in the mid-'60s. When a co-worker of Lookinland's father remarked on the then 7-year-old's wholesome looks, the family was encouraged to send him out on a few auditions. He was soon cast in commercials for Band-Aid, Cheerios and a series of ads for Eldon Toys.

In 1969, Lookinland was offered parts in two sitcoms, The Brady Bunch and The Courtship of Eddie's Father. His family chose The Brady Bunch, because they felt it would be better for him to be around other kids. During his Brady years, Lookinland appeared in other sitcoms like Funny Face and The Wonderful World of Disney, as well as a few educational films like Germs and the Space Visitors. He was the voice of Oblio in the animated classic The Point and appeared in the 1974 disaster film The Towering Inferno. Lookinland has returned for every Brady reunion. In 2004, he worked as a cameraman for the TV series Everwood.

Character Bio

Bobby Brady's life has been steered by his insecurities. He's sensitive about his height and is always in competition with one of his older brothers -- though he can certainly hold his own. Bobby is better at doing pull-ups than Greg, and is quick enough on his toes to save Peter from being knocked out by a falling flower pot.

Bobby's complexes often get the better of him, making him a bit of a trouble maker. He wants to win so badly, whether it's being the best pool player or hall monitor, that he often sabotages himself. He dreams of racing cars and lies to his friends about knowing Joe Namath. Bobby also has a remarkable affection for his younger sister Cindy, which he displays by pretending to be her secret admirer when she is feeling "left out" of her sisters' lives. The two youngest Brady kids bonded early on while lost in the Grand Canyon and became inseparable after their attempt at beating the teeter-totter record.

The Brady Bunch TV Schedule

December 21
The Voice Of Christmas
Carol loses her voice and may not be able to sing at Christmas services.
A-Camping We Will Go
Mike invites Carol and her girls along on the boys' annual camping trip.
Sorry, Right Number
Six kids and one telephone add up to high bills and short tempers.
Every Boy Does It Once
Bobby gets the idea that he is unloved and unwanted.
Vote For Brady
Greg and Marcia both decide to run for student body president.
December 28
Father Of The Year
Marcia enters her new dad in a newspaper contest for "father of the year."
54-40 And Fight
Another boys vs. girls crisis erupts as the Checker Trading Stamp Company announces it is going out of business.
Mike's Horror-Scope
Beebe Gallini hires Mike to design a new factory in the shape of a powder puff.
The Undergraduate
Greg is failing math and appears to be out of his teenage mind.
Tiger! Tiger!
A group depression sets in as Bobby discovers Tiger, the family dog, has run away.