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The Brady Bunch

Maureen McCormick

Marcia Brady

Maureen McCormick broke many hearts as Marcia Brady, but she began turning heads when she was a mere toddler. At age 6, she won the Baby Miss San Fernando Valley contest, which opened up the glamorous world of acting.

At age 7, she earned her first role in a play, and within a year was a popular choice for TV commercials and sitcoms. In addition to ads for Barbie and Kool-Aid, McCormick was seen on Bewitched, My Three Sons and Camp Runamuck. When the Brady Kids became a singing group, producers noticed McCormick's special talent for singing and encouraged her to record a number of solo tracks, some of which turned up later on the LP Chris Knight and Maureen McCormick.

Years later, McCormick would revive her singing career with the 1995 album When You Get A Little Lonely. After The Brady Bunch, McCormick appeared in many feature films including Take Down, The Idol Maker and Casey's Shadow. She appeared in dozens of guest-starring roles, among them Happy Days, The Love Boat, Lou Grant and The Single. In 2007 she appeared on Vh1's Celebrity Fit Club, and in 2008 released a tell-all book, Here's the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice. The memoir caused a rift between her and fellow cast member Eve Plumb, who didn't appreciate some of the information revealed in it.

Character Bio

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! She is what every girl dreams of being: confident, beautiful and noble. She's the eldest of the Brady girls and like her brother Greg, is a bit of an overachiever. Marcia is a popular girl. She's into school politics, but sacrifices her role in student government to her older brother. She risks her own well-being to nominate her new dad for "Father of the Year" -- and breaks every law in the book attempting to please her classmates by getting the Monkees' Davy Jones to perform at the junior prom.

Even though she has a few bouts with ego problems -- like getting a swelled head over a part in the school play or wanting to be accepted so badly she forgets to "be herself" --Marcia is pretty much the perfect teenager. She's a cheerleader, Frontier Scout and Senior Banquet Night co-hostess. She's also a great singer (as she proves on Family Frolics Night). She knows when to make a sacrifice, whether that means giving up her privacy so Greg can have the attic room or going on a date with an unpopular boy like Charley instead of Doug Simpson.

The Brady Bunch TV Schedule

October 12
Double Parked
The women and children rally to save a neighborhood park.
Juliet is the Sun
A nervous Marcia is cast as the lead in a school production of Romeo and Juliet.
And Now A Word From Our Sponsor
The Bradys are chosen to star in a soap commercial.
The Private Ear
Peter causes trouble by bugging the kids conversations with Mike's tape recorder.
After convincing his mom to let him join the football team, Greg is benched by injury.