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The Brady Bunch

Eve Plumb

Jan Brady

Eve Plumb was born April 29, 1958 in Burbank, Calif. Plumb started her showbiz career in a television commercial at age 6. By the time she was chosen for the role of Jan Brady, she had over 40 commercials on her resume and parts on a handful of TV shows, including Family Affair and Gunsmoke.

Contrary to her on-screen persona, Plumb's post-Bunch life included becoming a varsity cheerleader and homecoming queen at her high school. In 1976, Plumb played the lead in the TV movie Dawn: Portrait of a Teenage Runaway, in which she played a teen prostitute. Her success with that film as well as the NBC production of Little Women kept her out of The Brady Bunch Variety Hour. Plumb was active for a number of years in the L.A. comedy troupe The Groundlings and appeared in a number of stage shows in the area.

She also appeared in several feature films, including I'm Gonna Git U Suckah! as well as And God Spoke. Plumb appeared in an episode of "The Real Live Brady Bunch" stage show in Chicago (as Tami Cutler in "Adios, Johnny Bravo"). She spent two seasons on the ABC Saturday morning show Fudge and even turned up on an episode of Lois & Clark. In 2008, Plumb retired from the Laguna Beach Board of Adjustment/Design Review after six years. She works as an artist and sells her paintings throughout the country.

Character Bio

Poor Jan: She suffers from middle child syndrome, always living in her sisters' shadow. Of course, most of Jan's paranoia is in her mind, though Marcia is a tough act to follow. Her buddy Lucy Winters accidentally calls Jan "Marcia" on a party invitation, and Jan thinks the solution is to get new hair. Of course, the hair isn't her problem at all -- everybody envies Jan's long, blonde locks.

Jan, like any insecure teenager, has to suffer through glasses and braces. She eventually gains confidence, and although she'll never be the cheerleader that Marcia is, she's liked enough to be voted most popular girl at Fillmore Junior High. Even though Jan has announced that she wishes she was an only child, she really loves all her siblings (including Marcia).

The Brady Bunch TV Schedule

March 8
Adios, Johnny Bravo
The Brady kids audition their act for a television amateur show.
Mail Order Hero
Bobby tells his friends he and legendary football hero Joe Namath are friends.
Snow White And The Seven Bradys
The Bradys stage a benefit performance in their backyard for Cindy's teacher.
Peter And The Wolf
Peter poses as Greg's older friend when Greg can't get a date for his girlfriend's cousin.
Getting Greg's Goat
Greg secretly hides the rival school mascot in his bedroom.
March 15
Marcia Gets Creamed
Marcia, Jan, and Peter all get jobs in an ice cream parlor.
My Brother's Keeper
Peter offers to be Bobby's slave after being saved from a falling ladder.
Quarterback Sneak
Greg's football rival dates Marcia in order to steal Greg's play book.
Try, Try Again
After bombing out in ballet class, Jan realizes she is a klutz.
The Cincinnati Kids (AKA The King's Island Show)
The Bunch visits a new amusement park in Ohio.