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The Brady Bunch

Christopher Knight

Peter Brady

The son of a former Shakespearean actor, Christopher Anton Knight was born on Nov. 7, 1957 in New York. He grew up in the L.A. area, where he began his professional acting career at the age of seven, doing TV commercials and bit parts for shows like Bonanza, Gunsmoke and Mannix.

As the middle child of the Brady clan, Knight eventually surpassed TV brother "Greg" (Barry Williams) as the show's heartthrob, which led directly to increased coverage in teen magazines. Because of his popularity, Knight was also encouraged to record a number of solo songs -- even though he hated singing -- which eventually ended up on an album entitled Chris Knight and Maureen McCormick, a separate effort from the Brady Kids' group albums.

Since The Brady Bunch, he's appeared in several TV shows and movies, including One Day at a Time, Little House on the Prairie and The Love Boat. Knight was also featured in the TV movie Diary of a Hitchhiker, and the features You and Me, Kid, Jumpin' Jack Flash and Good Girls Don't.

Knight is now recognized by a new generation of TV fans; he appeared on a season of The Surreal Life as well as his own spin-off show My Fair Brady, which chronicled his relationship with former America's Next Top Model winner Adrianne Curry. In the summer of 2008, Knight began feuding with his former TV mom, Florence Henderson, when she called his marriage to Curry a fake.

Character Bio

Peter is the Brady's middle child. He has a fragile ego that manifests itself in extremes; often he lets his achievements go to his head while at the same time lets the little things get him down. He celebrates his rescuing of a little girl from a falling shelf of toys, calling himself a hero, but not long after decides he has no personality when some kid at a party says he's dull.

Peter is anything but dull. He may not be too great at fixing bikes or making ice-cream sundaes, but he builds a mean model volcano. He's also great detective and a pretty good reporter. Peter even proves himself to be a fine actor by playing Benedict Arnold in the school play, a role he later lives to regret.

The Brady Bunch TV Schedule

December 21
The Voice Of Christmas
Carol loses her voice and may not be able to sing at Christmas services.
A-Camping We Will Go
Mike invites Carol and her girls along on the boys' annual camping trip.
Sorry, Right Number
Six kids and one telephone add up to high bills and short tempers.
Every Boy Does It Once
Bobby gets the idea that he is unloved and unwanted.
Vote For Brady
Greg and Marcia both decide to run for student body president.
December 28
Father Of The Year
Marcia enters her new dad in a newspaper contest for "father of the year."
54-40 And Fight
Another boys vs. girls crisis erupts as the Checker Trading Stamp Company announces it is going out of business.
Mike's Horror-Scope
Beebe Gallini hires Mike to design a new factory in the shape of a powder puff.
The Undergraduate
Greg is failing math and appears to be out of his teenage mind.
Tiger! Tiger!
A group depression sets in as Bobby discovers Tiger, the family dog, has run away.