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The Brady Bunch

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The Brady Bunch: Alice Learns to Ski

The Brady kids try to teach Alice how to ski. (53:00)

The Brady Bunch: The Treasure of Sierra Avenue

Greg, Peter and Bobby are playing football alone in a vacant lot when Bobby finds a wallet full of cash. (01:09)

The Brady Bunch: Oh My Nose!

Marcia gets hit in the nose by a football right before her big date with Doug. (00:31)

The Brady Bunch: Marcia Marcia Marcia!

Jan is upset when her older sister Marcia gets all the attention. (01:52)

The Brady Bunch: Time To Change

The Brady Bunch perform the song "Time To Change." (02:02)

About The Brady Bunch

The Brady Bunch premiered on Sept. 26, 1969 and has aired in reruns ever since. It started as a popular Friday night family show that grew into a pop-culture phenomenon. The Brady Bunch was always a hit with pre-teen audiences, who simply never stopped watching the show even after it completed its five-year run.

The Brady Bunch was daring for its time: A mother with three daughters by one marriage marries a widower with three boys, a maid and a dog. Despite these eyebrow-raising characters, the show had universal plotlines that were familiar to anyone growing up in Astroturf-covered, suburban middle-class America. What helped The Brady Bunch endure is that it focused on topics that were significant to any generation (self-esteem issues, relationships, careers, family vacations). The original Brady Bunch will forever remain a favorite -- as will the endless fascination with Brady reunions.

In addition to the Brady cartoon on Saturday mornings (The Brady Kids), there was The Brady Bunch Variety Hour, The Brady Girls Get Married, A Very Brady Christmas and The Bradys. There were two successful feature films (The Brady Bunch Movie and A Very Brady Sequel) and a stage show called "The Real Live Brady Bunch." The Brady Bunch is a touchstone of American pop culture and a pure example of classic TV.

The Brady Bunch TV Schedule

October 26
Jan's Aunt Jenny
Jan is ecstatic when she discovers an old picture of her look-alike Aunt Jenny in the attic.
The Big Bet
It's the "Tortoise and the Hare," Brady style!
Power Of The Press
Peter becomes "Scoop Brady."
The Fender Benders
Carol's minor accident in a parking lot turns into a court case.
Cyrano de Brady
Peter calls on Greg's help in winning the girl of his dreams.
Fright Night
The Brady kids learn a valuable lesson after trying to outfrighten each other.
November 2
Fright Night
The Brady kids learn a valuable lesson after trying to outfrighten each other.
The Show Must Go On
Marcia talks Mom into appearing with her in the high school "Family Night Frolics."
Jan, The Only Child
Jan goes through yet another personal crisis when she wishes she were an only child.
Career Fever
Mike is thrilled to read a school paper Greg wrote about pursuing a career as an architect.
Goodbye, Alice, Hello
The kids all gang up on Alice when they think she is ratting them out to their folks.
Greg's Triangle
Greg's new steady is Marcia's competition for head cheerleader.

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