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Julie Bowen

Denise Bauer

Born in Baltimore on March 3, 1970, Julie Bowen went on to become the head of her high school drama club before departing for Brown University. Though she studied Italian and spent time in Florence, Bowen's true love was acting. During her senior year she appeared in Ed Burns' first film, No Visible Bruises; shortly after graduation she moved to L.A. and began working on the daytime soap Loving as well as Showtime's Runaway Daughters. She had a role in Adam Sandler's Happy Gilmore and American Werewolf in Paris, but her real break came when she landed the part of the lead character's fresh-faced teacher girlfriend Carol on NBC's Ed, which ran from 2000 to 2004, along with truly glowing as the face of Neutrogena. She did an about-face to portray a cheese-shop owning cougar on Showtime's Weeds, as well as a recurring stint as Jack's bitter ex-wife on Lost. In 2009, she landed a plum role as harried mom Claire on ABC's Modern Family.

Character Bio

Lawyer Denise Bauer's love life is a key part of her presence in the firm Crane, Poole and Schmidt. When she enters the firm, she is going through a divorce, and like founding partner Shirley Schmidt, she's not against a little interoffice romance no matter how much it irks her peers – and bosses. Managing partner Paul Lewiston also takes a personal interest in Bauer's romance more than once – even urging her to stop dating a terminally ill cancer patient, Daniel Post – and at times it affects her employment at the firm (particularly when she begins a fling with fellow attorney Brad Chase). These conflicts damage her dreams of becoming a partner in the firm, which Schmidt assures her will happen "when you're good enough."