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John Larroquette

Carl Sack

Five-time Emmy award winner John Larroquette was born Nov. 25, 1947 in New Orleans, La. After completing his duties with the Naval Reserve, he worked as a disc jockey and dabbled in the theater before moving to L.A. to focus on establishing an acting career. Shortly after his arrival, Larroquette landed modest roles on shows including Fantasy Island, Mork and Mindy, Three's Company and Dallas. His big break came with the role of womanizing assistant district attorney Dan Fielding on Night Court.

For his performance as the chauvinistic lawyer, Laroquette won four Emmys for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. Ever the gentleman, Larroquette opted out of the 1989 Emmy nominations to give other actors their due recognition. He went on to star in his own NBC comedy series, The John Larroquette Show, which lasted three seasons and earned him another Emmy award nomination. Larroquette won his fifth Emmy in 1998 for his dramatic performance on The Practice, and went on to have memorable turns on Happy Family and The West Wing. He also had success on the big screen, co-starring in Blake Edwards' Blind Date and appearing in Summer Rental, Stripes, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, Altered States, Madhouse and Cat People. He also appeared as a talk show host in Oliver Stone's JFK, though his scenes were cut and then later restored for the director's cut. At the time, Larroquette actually wrote to Johnny Carson to tell him he had inspired his performance. Notably, one of Larroquette's first film roles was as the narrator of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), a role he'd reprise years later for the 2003 remake. He also starred in the popular McBride series of made-for-TV movies.

In 2007, he took on the role of Carl Sack on Boston Legal, a serious, ethical lawyer who was a far cry from Night Court's Fielding. He has had guest-star appearances on shows such as House, Law and Order: SVU, Chuck and Parks and Recreation. Ever the quick wit, he claims on his Twitter page that his tombstone will read, "Not much plot, but Larroquette's in it."

Character Bio

Crane, Poole and Schmidt managing partner Carl Sack hails from the New York office of the firm, and it takes him some time to assess and adjust to the Boston office, where Shirley Schmidt has requested his presence to help the founders of the firm temper Denny Crane's antics. Sack is Shirley's former lover, and he still harbors strong feelings for her; when he considers returning to the New York firm, she talks him out of it for reasons both professional and personal. However, their love connection drives a wedge between Sack and Crane, who often bicker about anything and everything -- though they begrudgingly respect each other as much as they do the firm itself.