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Boston Legal

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Boston Legal: Blind Date

Denny goes out on a blind date with a midget. (01:31)

Boston Legal: Christmas Tree for a Girlfriend

Denny reminisces back to his fondest Christmas party memory. (01:13)

Boston Legal: The Witch in the Courtroom

Parents may be trying to get rid of the school's Halloween pageant for its wicked witch, but the principal doesn't seem quite ready to let it go just yet. (01:05)

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About Boston Legal

Boston Legal is a star-studded ensemble dramedy following the professional and personal lives of the eccentric attorneys employed by the law office of Crane, Poole & Schmidt. Morally questionable attorney Alan Shore joins his mentor Denny Crane at this powerful firm, where the modus operandi seems to be to take civil cases no one else will – and to win them in any way possible. Each episode tackles legal cases ripped from the headlines, centering on racial discrimination and police brutality to botched plastic surgery and vengeful exes. But the show isn't all about work; it also follows office romances and even courtships between the firm's employees and their clients.

The Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning series aired on ABC for five seasons from 2004 to 2008. In a nod to classic TV, the show features legendary actors Candice Bergen and William Shatner, as well as Betty White in a recurring role and countless other amazing industry guest stars (Michael J. Fox, Rupert Everett, Tom Selleck, Katey Sagal, Heather Locklear, Freddie Prinze, Jr.). Boston Legal was created by David E. Kelley, also responsible for two other highly praised hit legal dramas, The Practice and Ally McBeal.

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