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Second Chance

Episode: 217 | Aired: September 16, 1967

Renegade Indians have been attacking settlers. Joe and Hoss have gone to warn the settlers and Joe is shot by an arrow. Hoss tries to remove the arrow, but the shaft breaks off and the arrow head remains imbedded in Joes shoulder, leaving him gravely wounded. Hoss desperately searches for help and comes upon a wagon train with an odd assortment of people.

Sense Of Duty

Episode: 218 | Aired: September 23, 1967

This episode is noteworthy for two reasons: Ben appears in an Army uniform and it is the first appearance of the character of Candy. The 116th Division of the Virginia City Militia has Ben called up to active duty along with Major Ben Cartwright. Ben commands a unit of volunteers that includes Joe and Hoss.

The Conquistadors

Episode: 219 | Aired: September 30, 1967

Four Mexican men are mining for gold for their poor village of Senoma. They are driven from the gold fields and in desperation, plan to kidnap one of the wealthy citizens of Virginia City and hold him for ransom. They kidnap Joe and demand a $25,000 ransom from Ben. Ben pays the ransom, but the real trouble starts when Anderson, Perkins and their gang from Virginia City hear about the gold.

Judgment At Olympus

Episode: 220 | Aired: October 07, 1967

Deputy Gibbs shows up at the Ponderosa to arrest Candy for murder. Candy says he is innocent and Ben sends Joe with Candy to see he gets a fair trial.

Night Of Reckoning

Episode: 221 | Aired: October 14, 1967

Joe finds Don Buckler seriously wounded. Joe takes him back home to take care of him. Buckler tells Joe and Hoss that he took part in a robbery, but he was shot before he got any money.

False Witness

Episode: 222 | Aired: October 21, 1967

After delivering a herd of cattle to Mr. Haskel, Joe is in town to collect payment. While in Mr. Haskels office, Joe and a woman named Valerie Townsend see Haskel murdered by one of the Slater gang.

The Gentle Ones

Episode: 223 | Aired: October 28, 1967

Frank and Mark Cole are brothers, but they are different as two people can be; Frank is rough and cruel while Mark is kind and gentle. Frank considers Mark a coward because he wont stand up for himself. Ben hires Mark to collect a string of horses for the Army.

Desperate Passage

Episode: 224 | Aired: November 04, 1967

On a trip to Utah, Ben, Hoss and Candy find Josh Tanner and Mary Burns the sole survivors of an Indian attack. Together they must travel through dangerous Indian territory to safety.

Showdown At Tahoe

Episode: 225 | Aired: November 18, 1967

Bens new enterprise is a paddle wheel steamboat which delivers freight on Lake Tahoe. Ben is introduced to Jamison Fillmore who claims to be a lumber man from San Francisco. He is not aware that Jamison Fillmore and his gang plan to use the boat to escape with a one million dollar currency shipment.

Check Rain

Episode: 226 | Aired: December 02, 1967

Jase Frederick and his wife are about to lose their ranch and livestock because the bank is foreclosing on their loan. Jase pleads with the Cartwrights to go to Rimville to bid on the horse at the auction. Joe and Candy volunteer to go. They buy the horse for Jase and then the trouble starts; a powerful man named Bingham wants the horse and will stop at nothing to get him.

Justice Deferred

Episode: 227 | Aired: December 16, 1967

Hoss and Andy Buchanon witness a murder. Their court testimony identifies Frank Scott as the murderer and Frank is hung for the crime. Hoss is in Carson City on business when he sees a man that could be Frank Scotts double. This man is whistling the same eerie tune Hoss heard the night of the murder.

The Trackers

Episode: 228 | Aired: January 06, 1968

Cully Mako is back in town after serving a 5 year prison term for bank robbery. Shortly after his return, the bank is robbed and everyone assumes Cully did it.

A Girl Named George

Episode: 229 | Aired: January 13, 1968

Lawyer Cato Troxell vows to kill Judge Nealy for sentencing his brother to hang. Photographer Enos Blessing and his niece come to the Ponderosa and offer to take photographs of Ben, Hoss and Joe. He also to takes a group photo of all the hands and guests on the Ponderosa. The Cartwrights dont realize Blessing is working with Troxell.

The Thirteenth Man

Episode: 230 | Aired: January 20, 1968

Cattle are being stolen and the cattlemens association hires range detective Markus Alley to take care of the problem. Alley has a habit of shooting first and asking questions later. Consequently, some innocent men are killed.

The Burning Sky

Episode: 231 | Aired: January 27, 1968

Ben hires Will Holt as a new horse trainer. When Will arrives, he brings his Sioux wife Moon. This causes problems with the Indian haters in Virginia City-- especially Aaron Gore who starts trouble with the Holts and Ben. Britcher Breen is a lonely little boy living with his cruel stepfather Aaron Fore. Moon befriends Britcher. When Gore finds out, he goes to the Holts home, terrorizes Moon and tries to kill her.

The Prince Of Salt

Episode: 232 | Aired: February 03, 1968

Cattle are dying for lack of salt. Ada Hale has inherited her fathers salt mine and has a monopoly on salt. Ada plans to sell the salt to the highest bidder and sets rancher against rancher. Ben stands with the small ranchers in an effort to get a fair price for everyone.

Blood Tie

Episode: 233 | Aired: February 17, 1968

Joe is in Smithville and meets Tracy, who saves Joe from getting shot. Joe invites Tracy back to the Ponderosa. When Joe arrives home, he wants to tell Ben about the money that will be sent to the ranch, but Ben doesnt want to discuss it in front of Tracy.

The Late Ben Cartwright

Episode: 234 | Aired: March 02, 1968

Powerful Sam Endicott is backing John Faraday as candidate for Governor. Endicott wants Bens support for his candidate, but Ben refuses because he knows Endicott is corrupt. Endicott hires a gunman to kill Ben. Ben asks Joe and Hoss to let people think he is dead so he can prove Endicott is behind the entire plot.

Commitment To Angelus

Episode: 235 | Aired: April 06, 1968

Joe and Candy stop in Angelus and meet Joes old friend Steve Regan. Regan is a miner who is on strike because of unsafe conditions in the mines. Joe offers Steve a job helping him bring a string of horses to the Ponderosa. Steve is thrown from one of the horses and is killed. Joe feels responsible and he and Candy stay to help Steves widow and the miners solve the problems.

In Defense Of Honor

Episode: 236 | Aired: April 27, 1968

Davey was abandoned by his Ute tribe during a battle in which his father and mother were killed. Davey was found by Ben who has taken care of him ever since. Davey has become a hand on the Ponderosa. Ben is arranging a treaty between the Utes and the White Men.