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She Walks In Beauty

Episode: 135 | Aired: September 21, 1963

Emilia Miller gets an unexpected visit from her sister Ragan, a beautiful young woman who uses men. Hoss instantly falls in love and plans to marry her. When Adam returns from San Francisco, he has knowledge of Ragan that could change Hoss mind.

A Passion For Justice

Episode: 136 | Aired: September 28, 1963

When a Virginia City newspaper prints his novels as serials and then prints a negative review from a critic, Charles Dickens goes to the newspaper office to confront them. He walks into a ransacked office and is arrested for the crime and fined. But Dickens refuses to pay or talk and the Cartwrights set out to prove his innocence.

Rain From Heaven

Episode: 137 | Aired: October 05, 1963

Tulsa Weems comes to drought stricken Virginia City with his family, claiming to be a rainmaker. When Ben expresses his disbelief and offers the man money, Tulsa becomes insulted and pulls a gun on him. Hes arrested for the threat and in the meantime, his daughter, sick with typhoid fever, is kidnapped from the family and nursed by Hoss.

Twilight Town

Episode: 138 | Aired: October 12, 1963

On his way home, Joe is bushwhacked. When he regains consciousness, he stumbles into the town of Martinsville. There he is nursed back to health by the strange townspeople.

The Toy Soldier

Episode: 139 | Aired: October 19, 1963

Adam travels to Sheep Head to gather some wayward cattle. He comes across James Callan, a talented artist, who has a Paiute wife.

A Question Of Strength

Episode: 140 | Aired: October 26, 1963

Hoss travels by stagecoach in the company of Mother Veronica and sister-in-training Mary Kathleen. The coach is ambushed.

Calamity Over The Comstock

Episode: 141 | Aired: November 02, 1963

Joe makes a promise to a dying man to look after his young charge Cal. Joe knows Cal is really a girl but he promises her he wont tell anyone if thats what she wants. He brings her home to the Ponderosa and soon finds out that the Cal stands for Calamity as in Calamity Jane. Soon Joe meets her dentist friend -- none other than Doc Holliday. Jane wants to stay with Joe, but Doc wants her to leave with him and it seems the only solution is a showdown between Joe and Doc Holliday.

Journey Remembered

Episode: 142 | Aired: November 09, 1963

Ben looks back at his travels west with five year old Adam and Hoss mother Inger. In flashbacks, we see his journey to Ash Hollow where Hoss is born en route. They arrive in Ash Hollow only to be attacked by an Indian avenging the death of one of their braves.

The Quality Of Mercy

Episode: 143 | Aired: November 16, 1963

Joe comes upon a mine accident involving his friend Seth and Seths future father-in-law. The old man is dead and Seth says his back was broken and he begged Seth to end his misery. Seth then asks Joe to tell his fiance he died in the cave-in. Joe agrees but then struggles with his conscience.

The Waiting Game

Episode: 144 | Aired: December 07, 1963

Little Peggy Dayton is waiting for her Daddy to return home and vows that hell be home by the time she counts to a hundred. In the meantime, her father Frank is killed in a horse riding accident. Her mother cant bear to tell Peggy whats happened and Peggy continues to wait. Adam tries to help both Laura and Peggy deal with their loss.

The Legacy

Episode: 145 | Aired: December 14, 1963

Ben sets out after poachers on his own and when only his horse returns with blood on the saddle, his sons assume hes been killed and go after the men they think are responsible. They learn from the Sheriff that three ex-cons were in the area and the Cartwright brothers split up to carry out their revenge. Meanwhile, Ben has been cared for by Mr. Dorman who takes him home to wait for his sons return.

Hoss And The Leprechauns

Episode: 146 | Aired: December 21, 1963

Hoss comes to the rescue of a little man being pursued by a bear. When Hoss scares the bear off he finds the little man is gone and has left behind a strongbox full of gold. When Hoss tries to tell people about his story no one believes him. Later that night, he finds the strongbox was stolen. This sets off a hilarious chain of events as the Ponderosa is overrun with gold seekers and Leprechaun hunters.

The Prime Of Life

Episode: 147 | Aired: December 28, 1963

Ben is driven to complete a contract and soon regrets his relentlessness when one of his men is killed in an accident. Ben is overcome with guilt and leaves the Ponderosa in his sons hands. The boys are left to deal with Barney Fuller who will stop at almost nothing to see that the contract deadlines are not met.

The Lila Conrad Story

Episode: 148 | Aired: January 04, 1964

Joe and Adam are accompanying Judge Knowlton and his wife to Virginia City when Joe finds Lila Conrad hiding in his wagon. Shes a saloon girl who claims she was forced to kill a man in self defense. Joe tries to protect her from vengeful townspeople. Joe turns to Adam for help in getting her to Virginia City where she would have a fair trial.

Ponderosa Matador

Episode: 149 | Aired: January 11, 1964

The Ponderosa welcomes Senor Tenino and his beautiful daughter Dolores. Soon the war is on between the brothers as they vie for her attentions. When Adam seems to be winning her affections, Hoss and Joe team up and decide that putting on a bull fight with Joe as the matador will cause her to take notice. By the time they realize theyre in over their heads, its too late.

My Son, My Son

Episode: 150 | Aired: January 18, 1964

Ben is looking forward to marrying Katherine Saunders. However, the happiness is clouded by the return of her son Eden who is hiding from the law. Hes wanted for the murder of a local woman-- a crime of which he was acquitted three years earlier. Ben defends the boy out of loyalty to Katherine, but for how long is uncertain as the posse gets closer.

Alias Joe Cartwright

Episode: 151 | Aired: January 25, 1964

Joe is mistaken for Angus Borden, an Army deserter and a dead ringer for Joe. Hes arrested and taken to the Army fort to face charges. Joes appeals to the Captain fall on deaf ears because the captain is involved with Borden and he wants Joe killed.

The Gentleman From New Orleans

Episode: 152 | Aired: February 01, 1964

A man comes to town claiming to be Pirate Lafitte but Ben has met Lafitte in the past and doesnt recognize him. The man tells tales of his so-called adventures. Hoss makes friends with the man who returns the favor by collecting a debt for Hoss from Amos Whittaker. When Whittaker is found with Lafittes knife, Hoss is the only one who believes him innocent.

The Cheating Game

Episode: 153 | Aired: February 08, 1964

Adam checks in on Laura and Peggy Dayton only to find problems. Laura becomes angry with Adams interference and hires a new man, Ward Bannister, to help with the ranch operations. Ward claims to be an old friend of her late husbands and says he has a life insurance policy for her. What Laura doesnt know is that Bannister is part of a shady deal with another man named Canfield. Things go wrong when Ward falls in love with Laura and tries to back out on Canfield.

Bullet For A Bride

Episode: 154 | Aired: February 15, 1964

Joe is overcome with guilt when he accidentally blinds a girl in a hunting accident. The girl and her father are brought to the Ponderosa and Joe soon falls in love with her and asks her to marry him. When the girls sight unexpectedly returns, her father refuses to let her tell anyone lest she lose her chance to marry into money.

King Of The Mountain

Episode: 155 | Aired: February 22, 1964

Big Jim Leyton returns. He is newly engaged to a girl named Julie and he asks his friend Hoss to be best man. Hoss soon becomes involved in a dispute between Jim and his future father-in-law.

Love Me Not

Episode: 156 | Aired: February 29, 1964

When Ben visits his friends the Pauites and brings a gift, they return the favor by giving him a white girl they raised.

The Pure Truth

Episode: 157 | Aired: March 07, 1964

Much to the distress of his family, Hoss is suffering from spring fever. Ben is delighted when Roy appoints him Deputy and sends him on an errand to pick up a prisoner in Rimrock. Hoss goes to Red Rock Arizona and is arrested for bank robbery. He escapes and finds refuge with a hermit named Loulabelle. Loulabelle finds out theres a price on Hoss head and must decide whether or not to turn him in.

No Less A Man

Episode: 158 | Aired: March 14, 1964

The notorious Wagner gang is headed for Virginia City. Concerned citizens decide Roy Coffee is too old to carry out the job of Sheriff and want him replaced. They agree to Adam acting as his assistant rather than replacing him. However, they quickly grow relentless when Roy appears to be doing nothing to prepare for the Wagners inevitable arrival.

Return To Honor

Episode: 159 | Aired: March 21, 1964

Ben must travel to pay his respects after he learns of the death of his nephew Will. When he visits the grave, he finds his nephew barely alive. He takes him to a doctor and Will insists that he leave, but Ben refuses. Will explains that the men after him must believe that he is dead. Ben decides his best bet is to take Will home.

The Saga Of Muley Jones

Episode: 160 | Aired: March 28, 1964

The Cartwrights are visited by cousin Muley Jones, a man with a glass shattering singing voice. On the day of an important meeting between Indian agent Thornbridge and Chief White Bear, he and Hoss manage to get themselves arrested.

The Roper

Episode: 161 | Aired: April 04, 1964

Will Cartwright is home alone when Army soldiers arrive at the Ponderosa with a prisoner named Hewitt. Not long after, Hewitts men arrive and ambush the soldiers. When Will realizes the men are waiting for Ben to return so they can get the money from the safe, Will must come up with a plan.

A Pink Cloud Comes From Old Cathay

Episode: 162 | Aired: April 11, 1964

Instead of fireworks; Hoss mistakenly receives a bride from the Yipee Trading Company. All of his efforts to return her are resisted. Tai Lee turns out to be one of the biggest challenges of Hoss life.

The Companeros

Episode: 163 | Aired: April 18, 1964

Mateo Ibara and his wife Carla visit the Ponderosa and Ibara asks Will to return to Mexico with him. Ibara and Will fought together for Juarezs cause and Ibara saved Wills life. For this reason, Will feels obligated to Ibara, but Ben is suspicious of the mans motives.

Enter Thomas Bowers

Episode: 164 | Aired: April 25, 1964

Thomas Bowers, the famous Italian opera singer, is invited to perform in Virginia City. When he arrives and its discovered that he is a black man, he is shunned by the townspeople. When word gets out that theres an escaped slave, Hoss takes Bowers home with him. Bower is arrested and held until his identity can be confirmed.

The Dark Past

Episode: 165 | Aired: May 02, 1964

A bounty hunter stops at the Ponderosa with an injured horse and is forced to stay on to work off the cost of a new horse. While there, he meets another guest, Holly Burnside, the wife of the man he is after. Ben learns the young man is the son of a famous preacher and is curious to find out why the man seems so hateful and aloof.

The Pressure Game

Episode: 166 | Aired: May 09, 1964

Laura Daytons Aunt Lil comes to visit and quickly decides its time she help the hesitant Adam propose to her favorite niece. Her plan to make Adam jealous by using his cousin Will doesnt go exactly as planned.


Episode: 167 | Aired: May 16, 1964

Adam and Laura are finally engaged and Adam is secretly building a house and planning for the future. Laura realizes its Will she is in love with. Adam is confined to a wheelchair out of guilt, Laura and Will deny their feelings.

Walter And The Outlaws

Episode: 168 | Aired: May 23, 1964

When Hoss' friend Obie has to leave town to visit his sister, he leaves his beloved dog Walter in Hoss' care. Hoss has his hands full with a dog who has a mind of his own and bumbling outlaws who want to hold the dog for ransom.