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Bonanza: Bar Brawl

This isn't the first bar brawl for the Cartwright boys, and it certainly won't be the last. (01:30)

Bathing Beauty

Nothing like seeing a grown man in a bath. Little Joe doesn't want to go with Hoss so he takes Hoss's clothes and hangs him out to dry. (01:31)

Making a Mill

You almost expect to hear "Whistle While You Work." The Cartwrights help Tom Edwards to build a mill. (00:57)

Bonanza Theme Song


About Bonanza

Bonanza was one of the longest running and most popular of all TV Westerns. For 14 seasons, audiences enthusiastically tuned in to see the High Sierra adventures of the Cartwright clan. Nestled above the shores of Lake Tahoe is the Ponderosa Ranch, home of Ben Cartwright and his sons Adam, Hoss and Joe (a.k.a. "Little Joe"). Each of the young men was born to a different deceased mother, making poor Ben a three-time widower. Strong characters and intriguing plots helped to set Bonanza apart from the usual gun-slinging formula shows of its heyday.

One reason for Bonanza's success was the show's attention to script development. The characters were allowed to grow and evolve; story lines crossed into controversial topics, exploring racial tension, domestic violence and substance abuse. Each of the Cartwright men developed relationships with women on the show; although almost every woman that came into their lives died tragically.

When it premiered on NBC Sept. 12, 1959, Bonanza was not an immediate ratings winner, but the show remained on the air due to the fact that it was one of few shows filmed in color. After barely surviving its first two seasons on Saturday nights, the show moved to Sunday and became a hit: It was the No. 1 show four years in a row from 1964 to 1967. In 10 of its 14 years on the air, Bonanza was in the national Top 10 -- quite a comeback for those Cartwrights.

Bonanza TV Schedule

September 4
The Last Hunt
An Indian woman is brought home by Joe and Hoss after they discover her alone and about to have a baby.
El Toro Grande
Hoss and Joe travel to Monterey carrying a large amount of cash for the purchase of a prize bull.
The Outcast
After her father and brother are hanged for murder, Leta Malvet becomes an outcast.
September 8
House Divided
Frederick Kyle creates problems in the Cartwright home when he comes to Virginia City to gain support for the Confederacy.
The Gunmen
While in Texas, Joe and Hoss are mistaken for the Slade brothers who are involved in a feud between two families. Guest Star: Ellen Corby
The Fear Merchants
Bigot Andrew Fulmer is running for mayor.
September 9
The Spanish Grant
Rosita Morales pretends to be heiress Isabella Marie Inez de la Cuesta in order to get a land grant which includes part of the Ponderosa.
Blood On The Land
A sheepherder, who was originally just passing through the Ponderosa, decides to stay there permanently.
Desert Justice
Ben's ranch hand, Dave Walker, has been accused of killing the wife of Marshall Dowd.

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