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The Cosby Show: Isn't it Romantic

Cliff, Martin & Elvin bet on who can buy the most romantic present for their wives. Martin gives Denise a time capsule full of heart warming mementos he has been saving. (01:27)

The Cosby Show: The Prom

Cliff and Claire have their own prom in the living room. (01:10)

The Cosby Show: Off To The Races

Cliff invites a former college rival "Tail-Wind Turner" to be on his team at the Penn Relays for charity. (02:11)

The Cosby Show: Rudy Suits Up

Rudy suits up for her first pee-wee football game. (01:26)

The Cosby Show: Elvin the Elf

Elvin volunteers to give presents to kids at the hospital, quickly becoming Elfin the Elf. (00:56)

About The Cosby Show

This quintessential '80s sitcom left its mark on generations of TV fans, both for its astonishing ratings (it was No. 1 for five straight seasons, something only All in the Family can match) and its groundbreaking format, which took a well-known comedian (Bill Cosby) and incorporated him into the fabric of an African-American family structure. The result struck a chord with viewers -- among them some young comedians and actors who would later use The Cosby Show for inspiration and their own success (The Bernie Mac Show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, In Living Color, The Simpsons, Mad TV). It ran on NBC from 1984 to 1992.

Its premise revolves around the wholesome, upper-class Huxtable Family: obstetrician Heathcliff Huxtable, otherwise known as "Cliff"; his lawyer wife, Clair; and their children -- Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa and Rudy. They reside in a brownstone at 10 Stigwood Ave. in Brooklyn, N.Y., where Cliff and Clair both nurture and resist their kids' nuances, maturity, and individual interests. Along the road to adulthood, the children deal with life lessons like dating, marriage, college, and independence. Every episode of the sitcom is full of Cosby's ingenious, classic storytelling as he guides (and admittedly occasionally bumbles) through the daily journeys of a father's life. Oh yeah, and he wears a lot of crazy sweaters.

The Cosby Show TV Schedule

August 23
Play It Again, Russell
The family worries that Russell is losing his musical chops after a disappointing performance with his old band.
A Touch of Wonder
A car accident on an icy road alarms the Huxtables -- until they learn that the passenger in the other car is Stevie Wonder.
August 24
Full House
An overworked and exhausted Cliff's plans for sleeping late are thwarted by his ever-present family.
Close To Home
A colleague's family problems give Cliff a renewed appreciation of his own home life.
An Early Spring
As math teacher Mrs. Westlake prepares to give birth, Theo and Cockroach struggle with preparing for a tough test.
Theo's Holiday
The Huxtables decide to teach Theo some lessons about money and real life.
August 31
The Card Game
Cliff's college English professor, volunteers to fill in for an important pinochle game against Cliff's father.
Off to the Races
Cliff and his college track rival Tailwind Turner team up for a charity race and find themselves facing a former Olympic medalist.
Denise's Decision
Denise prepares to make her final decision about where she will attend college.
Bring 'Em Back Alive
The Huxtable home is invaded by an elusive garter snake.
Food For Thought
When a family friend has a heart attack, Clair challenges Cliff to give up his beloved high-fat comfort foods.
Golden Anniversary
The entire clan gathers to celebrate Russell and Anna's 50th wedding anniversary.
Man Talk
Theo asks his for his parents' advice when he runs into girl trouble at school.
Mother May I?
Vanessa does her best to get around Clair's ban on wearing make-up to school.

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