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How Not To Lose Your Head To Henry VIII (Part 1)

Episode: 229 | Aired: September 15, 1971

Samantha and Darrin are in London and on a sightseeing tour. As the guide leads the tour through the Tower of London, a portrait of a 16th Century nobleman on horseback is beckoning to Samantha. He tells Samantha that a hateful witch has placed a curse on him, dooming him to remain in the portrait for a thousand years.

How Not To Lose Your Head To Henry VIII (Part II)

Episode: 230 | Aired: September 22, 1971

Endora sends Darrin back in time. He arrives at the King's palace to find Henry VIII is in hot pursuit of Samantha. Darrin manages to get Samantha alone for a minute, but she doesn't know him and he can't convince her to kiss him. Henry sees this and throws Darrin into the dungeon.

Samantha And The Loch Ness Monster

Episode: 231 | Aired: September 29, 1971

Samantha and Darrin are at Loch Ness. Darrin's cousin Robbie tells them that the monster of Loch Ness has been very shy lately. Just then they see a creature with a long neck and the head of a dinosaur rise from the water. Robbie and Darrin faint. Samantha tells the monster (who is really a former warlock, Bruce), to get back in the water.

Samantha's Not-So-Leaning Tower of Pisa

Episode: 232 | Aired: October 06, 1971

Darrin and Samantha are in their Italian villa overlooking the Leaning Tower of Pisa when Esmeralda pays them a visit. Esmeralda tells Sam and Darrin that she was the one who made the Tower lean. She had been engaged to the builder, Bonano Pisano, and she goofed and caused his half-completed Tower to lean, hundreds of years ago.

Bewitched, Bothered, and Baldoni

Episode: 233 | Aired: October 13, 1971

Samantha and Darrin are sightseeing in Rome. As they finish touring a museum they are joined by Endora, who expects Darrin to be out of control in romantic Rome.

Paris, Witches Style

Episode: 234 | Aired: October 20, 1971

Samantha and Darrin are sightseeing in Paris when Maurice learns that his daughter is in Europe and didn't stop off in London to see him. Endora goes to Paris to warn Samantha when Maurice appears and blames Darrin for his anger.

The Ghost Who Made A Spectre Of Himself

Episode: 235 | Aired: October 27, 1971

Larry has arranged for the Tates and the Stephens to spend the weekend as guests of the Duke of Whitset at his castle. The castle is authentically English, complete with its own ghost. The ghost takes a liking to Samantha and when she rebuffs him, he takes over Darrin's body.

TV Or Not TV

Episode: 236 | Aired: November 03, 1971

Tabitha and Adam are watching "Punch and Judy" on TV one day when Tabitha gets very upset that Punch keeps hitting Judy. Using her witchcraft, Tabitha pops onto the screen and begins to lecture Punch.

A Plague On Maurice And Samantha

Episode: 237 | Aired: November 10, 1971

Endora arrives at the Stephens' home to find Samantha has lost her powers. The cause, as diagnosed by Dr. Bombay, is her marriage to a mortal. Endora's outrage is barely controllable, but Maurice's is nuclear.

Hansel And Gretel In Samanthaland

Episode: 238 | Aired: November 17, 1971

Tabitha brings Hansel and Gretel to life from a storybook to cheer them up because they are sad and hungry. Problems ensue as Tabitha transfers herself to the forest in the story.

The Warlock in the Gray Flannel Suit

Episode: 239 | Aired: December 01, 1971

Darrin's work has piled up and he is too busy to get away. Endora decides that since it is Darrin's job that is keeping Samantha from attending her cousin's wedding, then the job must be eliminated.

The Eight Year Itch Witch

Episode: 240 | Aired: December 08, 1971

Darrin is trying to find a new Cat Lady for Tomcat Tractors, as part of their ad campaign. Endora, ever suspicious of Darrin, tries to stir up a bit of jealousy in Samantha by enlisting Ophelia, a sometimes-cat.

Three Men And A Witch On A Horse

Episode: 241 | Aired: December 15, 1971

Darrin's conservative nature leads Endora to cast a gambling spell on him. Endora indirectly gives Darrin a tip on the daily double and Darrin wins a bundle. By this time, Samantha has found out what her mother is up to and tries to get her to remove the spell.

Adam, Warlock or Washout

Episode: 242 | Aired: December 29, 1971

The Council of Witches is sending a committee to test baby Adam for signs of supernatural powers. If he proves an ordinary mortal they must take him away from Darrin's mortal influence and train him to be a warlock.

Samantha's Magic Sitter

Episode: 243 | Aired: January 05, 1972

Larry Tate enlists Esmerelda to baby-sit for a client's child, Ralph Norton. That evening Esmeralda performs several odd feats of magic, much to Ralph's pleasure. But Ralph's tales on the playground get him beat up, jeopardizing Darrin's job.

Samantha Is Earthbound

Episode: 244 | Aired: January 15, 1972

Dr. Bombay weighs Samantha and indicates she weighs 400 pounds. He tells her she has a condition peculiar to witches and warlocks called Gravititis Inflamitis -- an inflammation of the gravitational tendons. He gives her an antidote, which causes her to float.

Serena's Richcraft

Episode: 245 | Aired: January 22, 1972

Serena has been stripped of her powers by the jealous Contessa Pirhana. Darrin tells Samantha that Serena is not a welcome guest. When Serena sees Darrin's wealthy client arrive in a helicopter, she decides that since she's out of witchcraft and that "richcraft" will do.

Samantha On Thin Ice

Episode: 246 | Aired: January 29, 1972

Tabitha is invited to a skating party but doesn't know how to skate. Samantha takes her to the skating rink for lessons and promises Darrin that Tabitha will learn the mortal way, but Endora intervenes.

Serena's Youth Pill

Episode: 247 | Aired: February 05, 1972

Serena gives Larry a youth pill, which he then tells Samantha and Darrin they must take to market.

Tabitha's First Day At School

Episode: 248 | Aired: February 12, 1972

Sam and Darrin decide they must enroll Tabitha in school. Sam takes Tabitha to Miss Vogel's 2nd grade class, and Tabitha turns the class bully into a frog.

George Washington Zapped Here (Part I)

Episode: 249 | Aired: February 19, 1972

Tabitha's school has show and tell. Tabitha has a book on George Washington, but would rather bring Darrin's collection of Washington mementos to show the classroom. When Samantha says no, Esmeralda conjures up George himself.

George Washington Zapped Here (Part II)

Episode: 250 | Aired: February 26, 1972

George Washington returns with Martha. Having told Martha of the wonders of the 20th century, George is happy to be back at the Stephens' home. At his suggestion, Samantha shows Martha around the kitchen while George talks to Darrin about his upcoming appearance in court.

School Days, School Daze

Episode: 251 | Aired: March 04, 1972

Endora casts a spell that turns Tabitha into a 7-year-old super genius. When Samantha takes Tabitha to Westport Elementary to take a test, Tabitha astounds the teacher, Mrs. Peabody, by completing the 20-minute test in 30 seconds and with a perfect score.

A Good Turn Never Goes Unpunished

Episode: 252 | Aired: March 11, 1972

When Darrin has trouble with an advertising campaign for a client, Samantha offers some ideas. Darrin does not accept his wife's suggestions because he believes they were created by witchcraft.

Sam's Witchcraft Blows A Fuse

Episode: 253 | Aired: March 18, 1972

A new Chinese restaurant account calls McMann and Tate to dinner. But a new drink called "The Heavenly Himalayan" leaves Samantha feeling dizzy -- and with red stripes on her face.

The Truth, Nothing But The Truth, So Help Me Sam

Episode: 254 | Aired: March 25, 1972

Darrin buys a present for Samantha -- a pin in the shape of a unicorn. Endora adds a little excitement by casting a "truth spell" on the pin, causing several embarrassing situations.