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Samantha's Wedding Present

Episode: 141 | Aired: September 25, 1968

While giving Samantha a belated wedding present, Endora decides to make peace with Darrin. However, she becomes furious when he forbids her to use witchcraft around his home.

Samantha Goes South For A Spell

Episode: 142 | Aired: October 02, 1968

Samantha's cousin, Serena, turns a married warlock into a mynah bird because he made a play for her. The warlock's wife thinks Samantha is the "other woman," and sends her back to the town of Old New Orleans of 1868.

Samantha On The Keyboard

Episode: 143 | Aired: October 09, 1968

Endora buys Tabitha a toy piano and uses witchcraft to make her play like a virtuoso. When Darrin disapproves, Samantha accepts his challenge to learn the piano without witchcraft.

Darrin, Gone! And, Forgotten?

Episode: 144 | Aired: October 16, 1968

Darrin vanishes and Samantha holds Endora responsible. Then Carlotta, a witch, reveals that Endora promised Samantha to her son, Juke. Juke, a hag-ridden warlock in a little boy suit, confesses he doesn't want to marry Samantha, but is afraid of his mother. Samantha encourages him to stand up for himself but he can't.

It's So Nice To Have A Spouse Around The House

Episode: 145 | Aired: October 23, 1968

Endora tells Samantha that as Queen of the Witches, she is to preside over a council meeting that day. Desperate, Samantha summons her look-alike cousin, Serena, as her stand-in. Serena and Endora panic when Tabitha recognizes Serena.

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

Episode: 146 | Aired: November 06, 1968

After Samantha argues that Darrin is not vain, Endora zaps him and he becomes the most self-centered man in the world.

Samantha's French Pastry

Episode: 147 | Aired: November 13, 1968

Expecting the Tates for dinner, Samantha bakes a cake, but her Uncle Arthur ruins it by popping up in the oven. He tries to produce a napoleon for dessert. Instead, his magic goes awry and the Emperor himself appears.

Is It Magic Or Imagination?

Episode: 148 | Aired: November 20, 1968

Mrs. Stephens suggests that Samantha enter a slogan contest run by a diaper company, with first prize being a trip to Tahiti for two. Meanwhile, Darrin works on new layouts for Barton Industries. Then Larry reports that the company, a diversified operation, has plans to use Samantha's slogan for its diaper division.

Samantha Fights City Hall

Episode: 149 | Aired: November 27, 1968

Samantha finds that a neighborhood playground, leased to the city for $1 a year, is to be razed for a supermarket. Darrin encourages Samantha to organize a protest, until he learns that a big client owns the land.

Samantha Loses Her Voice

Episode: 150 | Aired: December 04, 1968

After he arrives with a puppy for Tabitha, Uncle Arthur asks if the Stephens will keep the puppy. When Samantha replies she can't speak for Darrin, Uncle Arthur switches her voice with Darrin's, and then finds he can't reverse the spell.

I Don't Want To Be A Toad, I Want To Be A Butterfly

Episode: 151 | Aired: December 11, 1968

Worried about Tabitha's witchcraft, Samantha plans to spend the first day of school with her, but the director of the school won't let Samantha stay. Before leaving, Samantha warns Tabitha against witchcraft. While playing a game, Tabitha grants another student's wish to be a butterfly.

Weep No More, My Willow

Episode: 152 | Aired: December 18, 1968

Gladys Kravitz gets the neighbors to petition for the removal of the willow tree Darrin gave Samantha when Tabitha was born. Samantha summons Dr. Bombay. He chants a spell to restore the ailing tree and make it weep with every breeze. The incantation goes awry and instead Samantha weeps.

Instant Courtesy

Episode: 153 | Aired: December 25, 1968

Feeling Darrin has been rude to her, Endora resolves to teach him a lesson. She casts a spell, making him a perfect gentleman. Darrin's sudden gallantry at the office arouses everyone's suspicions.

Samantha's Super Maid

Episode: 154 | Aired: January 01, 1969

Darrin's mother persuades a reluctant Samantha to hire a maid. The first applicant turns down the job when she learns about Tabitha, but Amelia, plump and sweet, can't be put off, even with Samantha's description of the demands of the job.

Cousin Serena Strikes Again (Part I)

Episode: 155 | Aired: January 08, 1969

Samantha and Darrin ask Cousin Serena to stay away from a dinner for the Tates and client Clio Vanita. Clio rejects Darrin's advertising slogan, but continues to pursue him. Serena, invisible, feels Clio is trying to make a monkey out of Samantha and turns Clio into a monkey instead.

Cousin Serena Strikes Again (Part II)

Episode: 156 | Aired: January 15, 1969

Darrin finds out that Serena turned Clio Vanita, an important client, into a monkey. Clio is to sign a new contract at 11 a.m. if she approves Darrin's slogan. Samantha assures him that Clio won't remember anything that happened.

One Touch Of Midas

Episode: 157 | Aired: January 22, 1969

Endora pops in to babysit Tabitha, sees a dress Samantha is making for Tabitha and feels Samantha is being deprived. Endora asks Prof. Mac Allister, a warlock, to cast a spell. He appears at the Tate Agency with a hairy doll called the Fuzz, which makes everyone except Darrin and Samantha feel good.

Samantha, The Bard

Episode: 158 | Aired: January 29, 1969

Samantha finds herself rhyming involuntarily. Failing to reach Dr. Bombay, she calls her mother, who thinks it is Venetian verbal virus, a one-day illness. To be safe, Endora goes for medicine from Bombay, who cures Samantha. But at a dinner with the Tates and a client, Samantha has a relapse.

Samantha, The Sculptress

Episode: 159 | Aired: February 05, 1969

Darrin criticizes the impressionistic bust Samantha made. Before leaving, Endora turns the bust into a living likeness of Darrin, which sticks out its tongue and begins to talk.

Mrs. Stephens, Where Are You?

Episode: 160 | Aired: February 12, 1969

Darrin's mother arrives while Cousin Serena is minding Tabitha. Resenting Mrs. Stephens' catty remarks about Samantha and her family, especially Uncle Arthur's sherry nipping, Cousin Serena turns Mrs. Stephens into a cat.

Marriage, Witch's Style

Episode: 161 | Aired: February 19, 1969

Tired of being an international playgirl, Cousin Serena decides she wants to be a mortal housewife, just like Samantha. She consults a computer-dating bureau, but fails to tell the truth about her powers.

Going Ape

Episode: 162 | Aired: February 26, 1969

After a chimp follows Samantha and Tabitha home, Samantha turns him into a human in order to find out where he belongs. Harry, the former chimp, insists on living a man's life, for just one day, and soon becomes a pitchman for a new cologne.

Tabitha's Weekend

Episode: 163 | Aired: March 05, 1969

Darrin's mother is jealous because Samantha allows Endora to take Tabitha to the zoo, but won't let her take Tabitha to the museum. Samantha confides to Endora that she's worried about Tabitha using witchcraft, and with good reason-Tabitha is soon making birds talk and disappearing, mid-scold.

The Battle Of Burning Oak

Episode: 164 | Aired: March 12, 1969

J. Earl Rockeford, chairman of the board of the exclusive Burning Oak Country Club offers to propose Darrin for membership. The screening committee for wives, headed by Hortense Rockeford, tells Samantha that the club must be preserved for pure-bred Americans. Samantha then reveals the humble ancestry of some of the members and that others were on the wrong side of the law.

Samantha's Power Failure

Episode: 165 | Aired: March 19, 1969

Endora brings an order from the Witches' Council that Samantha give up Darrin. As Endora warned, Samantha loses her magic when she refuses. Uncle Arthur and Cousin Serena, pledging their loyalty, also lose their powers. They assure Samantha they'll do fine as mere mortals and get jobs to prove it, with mixed results.

Samantha Twitches For UNICEF

Episode: 166 | Aired: March 26, 1969

Mrs. Wehmeyer, local UNICEF chairwoman, asks Samantha to help raise funds. Her first assignment is to get Mr. Haskell to make good on his $10,000 pledge. Haskell orders Samantha to leave his mansion and never show her face again. Angry, Samantha pops up everywhere, finally as a moose head on his office wall.

Daddy Does His Thing

Episode: 167 | Aired: April 02, 1969

On Darrin's birthday, Maurice gives Darrin a multi-purpose lighter. Learning it contains magic, Darrin refuses it, and tells Samantha he's a jackass. Maurice then turns Darrin into a mule.

Samantha's Good News

Episode: 168 | Aired: April 09, 1969

Maurice pops in to find Samantha looking radiant. He introduces a slinky young witch, Abigail Beecham, as his secretary. Although Endora rarely sees her husband, she becomes jealous and zaps Abigail into a frump. Maurice changes her back and remarks they've had these spats for centuries.

Samantha's Shopping Spree

Episode: 169 | Aired: April 16, 1969

Cousin Henry goes along when Samantha shops for Tabitha, and makes sport of an over-anxious young salesman.

Samantha And Darrin In Mexico City

Episode: 170 | Aired: April 23, 1969

Working with Carlos Aragon to introduce "Bueno" to the American market, Darrin looks forward to a trip to Mexico City with Samantha, but Larry goes to Mexico instead. Recognizing Darrin's disappointment, Samantha makes Larry insult Bueno and Mexico, paving the way for Darrin to cool off Carlos.