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Long Live The Queen

Episode: 108 | Aired: September 06, 1967

Ticheba, Queen of the Witches, decides to abdicate and chooses Samantha as her successor. Dreading Darrin's reaction, Samantha tries to refuse, but Endora insists she must accept the honor.

Toys In Babeland

Episode: 109 | Aired: September 13, 1967

While minding Tabitha, Endora learns from the witches' mailman that she is expected at a party at the Taj Mahal. In the emergency, she brings a toy soldier to life to babysit.

Business, Italian Style

Episode: 110 | Aired: September 20, 1967

Darrin and Larry plan a campaign to introduce Chef Romani foods to the American market. The feeling is that McMahon & Tate would get the account if Darrin knew some Italian. Larry orders him to learn Italian immediately. Annoyed by his slow progress, Endora casts a spell. Immediately he speaks like a native; even his English is thickly accented.

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

Episode: 111 | Aired: September 27, 1967

Annoyed when Queen Samantha holds court at 3 AM, Darrin forces her to dismiss her subjects. Furious, Endora resolves to get rid of Darrin forever.

Cheap, Cheap!

Episode: 112 | Aired: October 04, 1967

Although she claims it's a bargain, Darrin wants Samantha to return an expensive coat. Determined to teach her son-in-law a lesson Endora turns him into a penny-pinching miser.

No Zip In My Zap

Episode: 113 | Aired: October 11, 1967

Samantha finds she has lost her magic. Endora summons Dr. Bombay, who finds that Samantha's powers have clogged from disuse and prescribes prolonged levitation.

Birdies, Bogies, And Baxter

Episode: 114 | Aired: October 18, 1967

Larry feels if Darrin impresses Joe Baxter, an avid golfer, McMahon and Tate will get his account. Annoyed by Darrin's constant practicing, Endora makes a pass over his clubs and he begins making fantastic shots.

A Safe And Sane Halloween

Episode: 115 | Aired: October 25, 1967

Samantha reads Halloween stories to Tabitha and shows her pictures in the book. When Darrin scolds Samantha, she insists the stories are harmless. Upstairs, Tabitha brings the spooks to life.

Out Of Sync, Out Of Mind

Episode: 116 | Aired: November 01, 1967

Darrin's mother arrives, announcing she has left home because her husband had a red stain on his collar. Samantha suggests that Darrin show his home movies of Tabitha, but needs Aunt Clara's help to do so.

That Was No Chick, That Was My Wife

Episode: 117 | Aired: November 08, 1967

Larry Tate orders Darrin to Chicago to renew the Springer Pet Food contract. Darrin asks Samantha to go along, and with some misgivings, the Stephens' leave Aunt Clara with Tabitha. Samantha phones and learns Tabitha has brought a toy monkey to life.

Allergic To Macedonian Dodo Birds

Episode: 118 | Aired: November 15, 1967

Endora and Tabitha finger-paint and produce an original Van Gogh. Darrin orders Endora to get rid of it but she can't. Samantha makes the painting disappear and Endora realizes her magic is gone, so Dr. Bombay is summoned.

Samantha's Thanksgiving To Remember

Episode: 119 | Aired: November 22, 1967

Aunt Clara longs to see her Pilgrim friends on Thanksgiving day. She pronounces a spell and zaps the Stephens family, Gladys and herself back to 17th Century Plymouth.

The Solid Gold Mother-In-Law

Episode: 120 | Aired: November 29, 1967

Endora makes a large picture of herself appear on Darrin's desk at the office. Mr. Hudson, a client, gushes his approval. Endora asks if Larry keeps his mother-in-law's picture on his desk, which sets the Tates quarreling. Mr. Hudson cites the Stephens as the ideal family and offers to set Darrin up in his own agency.

My, What Big Ears You Have

Episode: 121 | Aired: December 06, 1967

Endora overhears Darrin arrange to meet a female antique dealer to buy a present for Samantha. Endora tells Samantha he will lie about the call, and casts a spell so that Darrin's ears grow with each lie.

I Get Your Nannie, You Get My Goat

Episode: 122 | Aired: December 13, 1967

Samantha tells Darrin that their new baby sitter is a witch who was once her nanny. Darrin is upset until Endora arrives and threatens to hex him for displacing her as baby sitter. Elspeth wins Darrin over.

Humbug Not To Be Spoken Here

Episode: 123 | Aired: December 20, 1967

Darrin plans to decorate the tree with Samantha on Christmas Eve. At the office he finds Larry Tate with a new client, J.W. Mortimer, of Mortimer's Instant Soups, who hates Christmas and insists that they work out the campaign at his house.

Samantha's Da Vinci Dilemma

Episode: 124 | Aired: December 27, 1967

Dismayed to find Samantha hard at work painting the house, Aunt Clara conjures up a fine painter, Leonardo Da Vinci. Samantha asks her to send him back but Aunt Clara can't remember the reverse spell.

Once In A Vial

Episode: 125 | Aired: January 03, 1968

Determined to break up the Stephen's marriage, Endora summons Rollo, a handsome warlock who courted Samantha in the past. Endora seethes when Bo Callahan, a boorish client, asks her to do commercials for his new perfume, designed for the older woman.

Snob In The Grass

Episode: 126 | Aired: January 10, 1968

Darrin, who has been working overtime on the Webbley account, phones he'll be home for dinner because Webbley has switched agencies. Endora scoffs at Samantha's faith in Darrin. Larry feels they can get the J.P. Sommers account instead, because Darrin was once engaged to Sheila Sommers.

If They Never Met

Episode: 127 | Aired: January 24, 1968

Samantha accepts Endora's challenge to see what would have happened if she and Darrin had never met.

Hippie, Hippie, Hooray

Episode: 128 | Aired: January 31, 1968

Darrin quarrels with Samantha's identical cousin Serena. Later, Serena causes a riot at a park love-in and is arrested. When a picture of Serena appears in the newspaper, Larry and Louise Tate think it is Samantha.

A Prince Of A Guy

Episode: 129 | Aired: February 07, 1968

Tabitha wants to know what happened after Prince Charming married the Sleeping Beauty and brings the Prince to life.


Episode: 130 | Aired: February 14, 1968

Aunt Clara tells Samantha her old boyfriend, Ockie, has opened a hotel in an old castle in England, but that a ghost named McTavish is ruining business. Reluctantly, Samantha agrees to help Ockie. Samantha agrees to ghost-bust, but Darrin's mother, one of the terrified guests, tells her incredulous husband she saw Samantha and phones Darrin.

How Green Was My Grass

Episode: 131 | Aired: February 28, 1968

Darrin thinks Samantha has zapped up a plastic lawn in their front yard, causing a fight. Their neighbor sees the artificial turf on the Stephens' lawn and guesses that Darrin stole it from him.

To Twitch Or Not To Twitch

Episode: 132 | Aired: March 13, 1968

As Darrin rushes Samantha to an unexpected dinner party, they argue when she uses witchcraft to get dressed. Darrin finds he has a flat tire. Samantha won't help and he has to change it in the rain, then wear the clothes of his dinner host, which are far too small.


Episode: 133 | Aired: March 20, 1968

Samantha warns Tabitha against using witchcraft, but she doesn't understand. Mrs. Stephens takes them to visit Gretchen Millhowser, so Tabitha can play with little Michael. Michael bullies Tabitha, so she turns him into a bulldog.

Tabitha's Cranky Spells

Episode: 134 | Aired: March 27, 1968

While Darrin is away on business, Larry Tate invites Samantha to dinner. When Samantha protests she has no baby sitter, Louise insists on sending over Aunt Harriet, who brings an Ouija board. Tabitha floats toys around, and when a rocking horse goes by, Aunt Harriet, sure it's her lost love's reincarnation.

I Confess

Episode: 135 | Aired: April 03, 1968

Displeased when Samantha discourages a drunk by using witchcraft, Darrin declares Samantha should disclose she's a witch. Samantha sends Darrin into a dream where she does just that.

A Majority Of Two

Episode: 136 | Aired: April 10, 1968

In Darrin's absence, Larry Tate asks Samantha to invite Kensu Mishimoto, a Japanese client, to dinner, disclosing that his favorite dish is Hung Ai Wan Goo Rash. Larry tries to talk business but Mishimoto plans to spend all his time with Aunt Clara.

Samantha's Secret Saucer

Episode: 137 | Aired: April 17, 1968

Aunt Clara is minding Tabitha who is playing with a flying saucer. The toy flies outside and Aunt Clara tries to bring it back. Unfortunately she has zapped up a real spaceship and she can't shrink it.

The No-Harm Charm

Episode: 138 | Aired: April 24, 1968

Darrin's brochure for the Omega Bank lists the bank's assets as $100. Darrin is convinced that Endora is responsible for the mess, and when Samantha's practical-joking Uncle Arthur visits, he gives up completely. But Uncle Arthur gives Darrin a lucky charm, which convinces him he's protected from harm.

Man Of The Year

Episode: 139 | Aired: May 01, 1968

After the Hucksters Club names Darrin one of the Advertising Men of the year, Samantha insists it won't go to his head. Endora casts a magic circle around Darrin. Everyone in range beginning with his secretary is charmed.


Episode: 140 | Aired: May 15, 1968

Gladys Kravitz decides to leave her husband Abner. When Samantha invites her in, Gladys is fearful but makes herself at home. Darrin is anxious to get rid of Gladys, and announces that if Gladys doesn't leave, he will. In desperation, he allows Samantha to use witchcraft.